Social Distance: Netflix new series, Cast- who will return? & What to expect

Social Distance: Latest updates: Every time Netflix releases a new series with a new theme. ‘Social distance’ is a new anthology series who was the writer of “Orange is the new black” with a limitation; of quarantine, it has eight different stories that were navigating our brave new Covid-19 world through characters.

Recently Netflix released the first trailer of this series. We have seen familiar faces with familiar stories. The audience was eagerly waiting for this series.

Social Distance: possible plot

The main synopsis about this series was it tells about the initial days of the Covid-19 pandemic. It tells about the human spirit in a time of uncertainty and isolation. During the time of watching this series, we have experienced some circumstances we have faced and we have no choice we want to lead a life remotely and technology made people depend to lead a life.

The aim of the ‘Social distance’ series is to provide every single moment of our life in the Covid-19 situation. No doubt this series made a new history and this series will get more success. People were more excited and curious about this series.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, this story was created the entire work takes place remotely during the quarantine. Hilary Weisman Graham is an executive producer and he was a writer on the final season “Orange Is the Black” and “Bones”. This made the audience get more excited and curious about this series. Due to Covid-19 pandemic story writers gets more time to create new stories with a new theme.

Cast: Who will return?

Social distance has an excellent and intelligent cast like Danielle Broke’s play as the role of a working mom. Mike Colter is a working bachelor. This made the audience get more excited and curious about this series. After watching the cast people get more excited about this series.

‘Social distance’ Release date: The “Orange is the new black” team created an experimental Anthology series that tells about human desires. ‘Social Distance’ will release on October 25. It has eight episodes. The audience was eagerly waiting to watch this series. Stay tuned for more updates.

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