Someone Has To Die: Confirm release date & Every other detail

Someone has To Die Updates: is one of the Spanish thriller series and was created by Manolo Caro. The entire scripts of this series were written by three members and they are namely Fernando Perez, Monika Revilla, Manolo Caro. These scriptwriters had made the scripts in a different manner. This series was produced by four executive producers and they are namely Rafael ley, maria Jose Cordova,  Carlos Taibo, Monola Caro.

Someone has To Die: Confirm Release date

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new release date of this series and it will be revealed as soon as possible in future days.  This series was set to be released on October 16 and I am sure this series will be released on the same fixed date.  There were three episodes in this series and I hope each episode will reveal fantastic morale among the fan clubs.

Someone has To Die: Cast- who will return?

There were so many award-winning actresses and actors who made the entire series in a successful manner. some of the characters include Carmen Maura, Cecilia Suarez, Ernesto Alterio, Alejandro Speitzer, Isaac Hernandez, Pilar Castro, Mariola Fuentes, Juan Carlos Vellido, Carlos Cuevas, Eduardo Casanova, Ester Exposito, Manuel Moron, Ray Davila, etc,

I hope the above characters will perform their role in an extraordinary manner. let us wait and discover some more new characters for this series.

Someone has To Die: possible plotline 

This series is set in the year of 1990s Spain, one of the men decided to return Spain from Mexico, the family members decided to marry a woman for him. But, the man brings back ballet dancer Isaac Hernandez.  The relationship between them was clearly shown in this series.

Trailer Update

There was a specified trailer for this series and it was launched on September 30.  The entire trailer clips were more thrilling to watch the series.  In the teaser, there was a murder and this situation was faced by entire family members. The trailer was available on Netflix.

I hope fans get satisfied with this information. stay tuned for more updates.

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