How to Train your Dragon renewed for a fourth season?

How to Train your Dragon renewed for a fourth season
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How to Train Your Dragon Update: Fans, we know you are super excited to witness the ultimate duo of the adorable dragon Toothless and his master Hiccup. The renewal of this amazing duo is still in news. The movie first premiered in 2010. The animated movie is based on the amazing children’s novel series by Cressida Cowell.

The franchise released its own comics, films, graphic novels, short movies, TV series, plays, and video games. Writer for the second and third installments, Dean DeBlois is also the director of the entire series. The third movie was shelved many times owing to a clash in the schedule of actors. But, eventually, it was made and received huge appreciation from the audience.

How To Train Your Dragon: Renew status?

With the renewal status still under wraps, the fans are now super anxious regarding what and when will it happen. The creators personally feel like the last movie had a much satisfying closure to the trilogy thereby offering a good and justified closure to the franchise. A fourth installment will be quite an unnecessary addon to the existing trilogy.

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But, we never know, if they opt for spin-offs of the franchise. The director and writer mentioned in an interview that if at all Dream works decide to renter into the Dragon world, they would opt for a different timeline with a new story. As they have given the existing trilogy a good closure and adding another installment would unnecessarily exaggerate the storyline.

The storyline of How to train your dragon

The movie traces the journey of the lead protagonist Hiccups, who is the son of a Viking leader, Stoick, in the land of Berk. Hiccups is a misfit since the beginning. But, he unearths a skill that he is not even aware of. His skill is that he is a master of dragons and figures out this when he makes a Night Fury. Night fury is one of the most dangerous and feared dragons. His clan opposes his action, but he promises them to teach them his skill, after which they agree.

However, Hiccups along with Nightfury have now to fight against all odds which includes the dragon hunters. He tries to make peace between the dragons and humans. As the story proceeds, we see the bond of Toothless and Hiccups, with Hiccups becoming the next leader of the Viking and deals effortlessly with difficult choices.

The movie finally ends on a happy note where we witness the dragons leaving the Land of Berk into the much safer Hidden world. Toothless and Hiccups are now having a family of their own, where Hiccups gets married to Astrid. While Toothless gets along with his love, Light Fury.

Cast- Who will return?

  • Hiccups by Jay Baruchel
  • Gobber by Craig Ferguson
  • Stock by Gerard Butler
  • Ruffnut by Kristen Wiig

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