Social Distance Netflix’s new Presentation for the audience and What we know so far

Social Distance Updates: Makers of ‘Orange is the new Black’ are planning to drop a new presentation ‘Social Distance’ this month. This is a creative effort by Netflix to keep people connected in these times. The general goal of the upcoming show is to entertain people and motivate them in pandemic tough times.

A week before, a trailer of this eight-episode upcoming show dropped on various platforms. From that trailer, we are expecting that the series will showcase every aspect of 2020. How the technology helping us to stay connected with our loved ones during COVID 19 pandemic.

Jenni Kohan the creator of ‘Orange is new Black’ comes out with a creative idea. Meanwhile gives the task to his cast of film g themselves at homes and shows how they are connected to their loved ones.

This seems to be quite an interesting and impressive idea. At the same time director Diego Velasco, creatively compile them into an eight-episode long show.

About ‘Social Distance’ and it’s the release :

Image Source: Paper Magazine

The synopsis of the show reads “Filmed in isolation, this narrative anthology series features all the dark and funny takes on how people strive to stay connected while being apart.

The creators of the show seem to have a strong determination and passion to find a connection. As the whole world is following social distancing. After observing the official trailer, it seems quite interesting. As the audience and viewers will easily relate it with their daily lives.

Showing all the troubles and issues we face while connecting to our loved ones. Again the main motive of this type of show at this time is to appreciate people for surviving the tough times. Keeping them strong and happy for the furthure fight against this deadly virus.

According to the official announcement by Netflix, the show is set to premiere on 15 October 2020. Just a few days are there, so tie your seatbelts for this entertaining presentation. The team of the show reveals “We have an inspiration to create an anthology series that tell the stories about the current moment. How people are living it through .”

This Netflix’s new presentation will worth a watch.

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