How Enola Holmes is similar to Sherlock and to Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes

Enola Holmes: This movie picturizes the younger sibling of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Let’s make a quick study as to how it is similar is to the two stories, Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes. Here the comparisons are made between BBC’s Sherlock TV series and the Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr film series of Sherlock Holmes. Read below for the comparison study.

10.) Sherlock Holmes: The Time Period

The franchise of the story dates back to the novels of late 1800s and the early 1900s. The same applies true for Enola Holmes. It also holds the classic essence with it.

9.)Sherlock: Innovative Techniques:

A similarity between the two is that by bringing down the fourth wall and making use of a couple of visual effects so as to relay a collection of data, the method of displaying the story is quite innovative and noble. Therefore turning the old fashioned setting to somehow feel modern and relatable.

8.) Sherlock Holmes: Political:

Politics is a very common ingredient in Doyel’s work. In that way both Sherlock Holmes as well Enola share a mixed political background. In Enola we can witness that in the form of feminism, the vote, and the expectations of the society that is bestowed upon women.

7.) Sherlock: Unique Cases:

Even when the movies are adapted from the novels, we can still see that apart from the monotone of the novels, the movies have some additional ingredients in them. They seem to be like an add-on story.

6.) Sherlock Holmes: Lestrade’s Usefulness:

In both, Sherlock Holmes as well as Enola, Lestrade appears to be quite useless. Comparing Sherlock with Enola, in the latter we see him only focused on searching out Enola rather than solving the mystery.

5.) Sherlock: Mycroft And Holmes:

In both the movies we can see very distinctly, how Mycroft and Holmes, instead of having their own rivalries, they look out for one another. Holding chasm of differences between them, both the brothers do carte for one another a lot.

4.) Sherlock Holmes: Charismatic Holmes:

Movies display the intelligence and wisdom of Sherlock less than the shows. The movies display more of the charisma. It highlights that part of him more.

3.) Sherlock: Caring Holmes :

Both the movies, serve him as a caring and compassionate man. Cavill’s version is some kind similar too. He is shown to be more emotionally aware than his brother, Mycroft.

2.) Sherlock Holmes: The Disguises:

This is a very famous move of the Sherlock movies, hiding himself behind wigs and disguise in crowd. Same holds true for Enola. She does the same, trying to disguise her  her gender, then throwing people off based on class, to even disguising in the normal sight.

1.) Sherlock: Another Sibling:

Sherlock and Mycroft may be having another sibling as Enola Holmes but for Sherlock it is always his own sister to deal with.

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