Global Handwashing Day 2020 Janajal Launched Campaign with Safe Water and USAID

Global Handwashing Day: Global Handwashing Day 2020 JanaJal, the leading technology had provided 700 water ATMs. This management had taken several steps and also launched a handwashing campaign in Delhi-NC and announced the Handwashing day on October 15.

This 15-day campaign made many of the people to be aware of this day. In this camp, nearly 10, 000 people get well practiced about handwashing practices. This management also made a partnership with USAID and a safe water network under the ambit of their program SEWAH (sustainable enterprises for water and health).

The same Janajal’s management established water knowledge resources centers (WKRC).  This scheme is really helpful for all of the children, women, and communities.  This will educate the children to be well cleaned and also maintain hygiene. Handwashing practice is more important nowadays.

Dr. Parag Agarwal who is the founder and CEO of Delhi NCR-based JanaJal said that everyone should be educated in this hand hygienic practices. Cleanliness is more important in our day to day life. Handwashing is the easiest way to prevent diseases and also unwanted germs.

In this way, we can avoid the spread of infection. Handwashing just takes only 20 seconds to protect from 15 diseases. This practice is more helpful to prevent Diarrhoea, respiratory infections, and eye infections, etc.

According to research, handwashing reduces all kind of diseases and keep away the germs.  This news was originally said by the doctors and this news was also spread in the entire world.

We already know, more than 1.8 million children under the age of 5 have died due to the viral diarrheal diseases and pneumonia. Handwashing protects kids from viral infections and this awareness should be spread all over the world.

Everyone should be clean and neat. 19 % of washing hands and drinking clean water will reduce several diseases.

This awareness was executed by JanaJal campaigners and this management also display posters and other news about the handwashing practice.  In the slum area, people are given a special awareness and this scheme was introduced by the same management. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information.  Stay tuned to discover more information about this good day.

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