Government Issues SOP’s for opening Schools: Guidelines and precautions!!!

School Guidelines: The Government Issues SOPs for the opening of schools know the day to day situation in India, the pandemic effect of COVID-19 had changed a lot in our life. Especially the education system changed during the quarantine time.

This situation leads to more difficult for children and college students. The government had taken several steps to improve the education system in this hard situation.  students from remote area faces may difficulties in education and so the education minister says schools must ensure a smooth way from home-based schooling to formal schooling.

The education Ministry also made more guidelines on Monday. I hope these guidelines will be helpful for students. The education Ministry had scheduled the date for reopening of schools. Before reopening the schools, the entire environment must be cleaned.

So many safety precautions had taken to reopen the schools.  It also asked states and union territories to frame their own standard measures to be in safe health.

At first, the entire environment must be cleaned and especially furniture, storage places, water tanks, kitchen, canteen, washroom, laboratories, school campus, libraries, and all indoor places. The education ministry had scheduled to reopen the school on October 15.

Image Source: The Tribune

Each and every school must be instructed by the pandemic effect and also the safety precautions. Social distancing should be there to prevent our bodies to be safe. By making more posters, messages we can do several measures to take the forward steps.

Students may attend the regular classes only with the written consent of parents.  Still that, the student should give the regular attendance at online classes. Online learning will improve the education skills of all of the students.

The entire steps were taken by the education ministry and I hope these measures will help the students to be safe.  There will be formal schooling after the lockdown. Everyone should be educated about the COVID-19 pandemic effect. The entire states and union territories were already instructed to reopen the schools.  The annual curriculum plan (ACP)  was also scheduled.

Let us all notify the guidelines and follow the instruction to reopen the schools.

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