German Schools opening a month before, no major cases have been reported.

Schools Reopening Updates: It’s already been a month since the schools have been reopened in Berlin. With children rushing into the campus and playground, the children have taken Europe ahead with the post-summer school reopening. The epidemiologists have been very positive about the situation, coupled with a cautious attitude.

However, in the first two weeks,  a minimum of 41 schools have been affected. But they haven’t been affected by themselves. Though the number of cases has been increasing well enough in Germany, we can say that the schools have no remarkable contributions to it.

In spite of the sharp rise in the number of cases recorded, which is 1,484 new cases being reported on Friday. In a country with a population of 83 million, a total of around 37,876 new cases have been reported in the latest U.S. report. Comparing it to the population count, more than 25 times as many infections in a population just four times as large. It is quite a remarkable outburst.

Health experts are of the opinion that the tremendous increase in the number of cases has been more due to the summer travel records and less due to the reopening of schools.

According to  Tobias Kurth, (director of Berlin Charité Hospital’s Institute of Public Health), he was quite nervous about the fact that the schools could lead to innumerable cases, but the same has not been true.

Hamburg School Minister Ties Rabe, well supported the idea of reopening since it is a way to strengthen the personal education of today’s children According to him, pupils require the guidance of their teachers, they need their friends and a positive and well-equipped workplace.

The German states. entrusted with the preventive measures for coronavirus have thought about increasing school restrictions, in case the number of cases in local communities increases swiftly. To date, the students across the country sit in their respective classrooms, just normally, 2 in a desk, like they used to before the pandemic.

Sadly, post 3 days after the reopening, unwelcomed news from Sophie – Charlotte high school in Berlin was announced. A parent had informed that 2 daughters have been tested positive. After that 191 students and teachers were asked to stay back at home. Eventually, after a week, when everyone was swabbed and negative results were disclosed, pupils and teachers were back to class.

As for now, the rates of death and infection have reduced to a great extent. If the case remains unaltered, they would be having no present concern.

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