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Covid-19 Ragione Elevator Cough… One Beatdown


Covid-19: Single-word the wise. intentionally coughing & sneezing into a crowded electronic elevator can result in Covid case & harmful to the body also, as proven in this footage of said cougher & sneezing catching a deathly ass-whooping.

About the Covid-19 Virus:-

Coronaviruses are life-threatening diseases & zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between wild as well as domestic animals and humans.

Detailed investigations about Covid 19 coronavirus found that SARS – Covid 19 was transmitted from civet wild cats to humans beings and Mrs-Covid 19 from dromedary love wild camels to humans beings. Several known Covid 19 coronaviruses are circulating in wild animals that have not yet infected humans beings.

Common signature of infection of coronavirus includes respiratory symptoms such as cough, mild some times high fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties in the lungs. In more severe cases, coronavirus infection can cause deathly pneumonia, severe acute respiratory lungs syndrome, kidney failure, and even leads to death.

Particular ways to prevent deathly Covid-19 coronavirus deathly infection spread include regular hand washing using government-approved alcoholic hand wash instead of irregular hand wash, covering full mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing by medicated government-approved mask, thoroughly cooking fleshy, hardy meat and eggs, sanitizing the whole body by approved recommended sanitizer.

Avoid close contact with anyone showing coronavirus symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing, fever, breathing problems, and sneezing.

In detail about the situation:-


The pandemonium begins when a man tried to up into an electronic elevator car that already had 2+1 local passengers. Someone inside signaled to the fourth guy who seated in the front to wait for another ride. because of a covid pandemic, three’s being a rush crowd.

Initially, e seemed okay with waiting for another passenger, but as the elevator doors began to shut up, he began to screen down on board, and his tone down started to widen. The 4th wheel person begins getting the business, vocally from another passenger in the same elevator, but decided to respond by pulling down his face & nose N95mask and intentionally sneezing & began coughing.

That’s what they called the last straw, and as soon as the electronic elevator doors opened once again. The cougher got slaps & beat down by other passengers, and dragged(throwing out) out of the electronic elevator, where he was forced by others to wait for another passenger to arrive.

Probably what he(particular passenger) should have done in that place.

As we all have seen over the last 8-9 months, keep your coughing & sneezing to yourself because of Covid 19 pandemic, we all have to face it bravely and must follow the public rules.


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