Lucille Ball’s great granddaughter Desiree Anzalone Died at the age of 31- Click to know why

Desiree Anzalone Rip: Recently a few days ago Desi Arnaz’s and Lucille Ball’s only great-granddaughter Desiree Anzalon passages away at the age of 31. On 27 September 2020, Anzalone took last breath at her home in Connecticut after a long six years battle with breast cancer.

Anzalone’s mother Julia Arnaz reveals on her death “though her daughter died peacefully but watching her slip away was just I will not wish it for my worst enemy .” She then expresses “no mother shall watch this in her life .”

Anzalone was named after her great grandmother, Ball with her middle name Desiree. Julia and Mario Anzalone had only a single daughter that was Desiree Anzalone.

Meanwhile, the first great-granddaughter of Ball and Aznar SR. Juli expresses “She was so beautiful just so, so beautiful from inside and out. She really reminds me of a lot of my grandmother, more so than !”

Desiree Anzalone Breast Cancer

Desiree Anzalone was first diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer when she was 25. Since then she is continuing with her treatment that includes choreography and mastectomy. After moving to Remission she was then diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2018. Then slowly this deadly disease spread across her bones, liver, and lungs.

Image Source: E! Online

Julia, her mother “Family initially hopes that she will live a few more years or at least enjoy holidays with them. But meanwhile, her health took the worst turn .”

Julia with tears in her eyes remembers that doctors reported that Anzalone had only a few days left off maybe a few hours. After her last surgery doctors also lost hope in her case.

Because of the Corona pandemic Julia and her mother have to live apart and even Julia not able to witness her daughter’s last breaths. Julia proudly says that Anzalone was a passionate girl and a rare case.

She works for creating awareness about cancer among women and children. Meanwhile, Anzalone was a smart and talented girl. Before her death was working as a photographer and model. May God brings peace to her soul. Sympathies of the whole world are with her family.

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