Anne Hathaway’s ‘The Witches’ remake will feature on HBO Max!!

The Witches Updates: HBO had made a surprise announcement on Twitter recently regarding the Witches movie starring Octavia Spencer and Anna Hathway, featuring on HBO Max in the US. It will be releasing really soon on HBO Max, i.e. on 22nd October. Isn’t it amazing?

Additionally, The Witches will also feature internationally in theaters on 28th October

The storyline of The Witches

The story is based on Roald Dahl’s book which gave you a lot of spooky vibe in your childhood. This 2020 adaptation of the Witches, is brought out by the director of Forrest Grump, aka Robert Zemeckis. It follows the story of a 7-year-old kid, Luke who lives with his grandmother, after his parent’s death.

Image source: cinemablend

He adores his grandmother and his grandma coaxes him to sleep with different stories. Out of these stories, most of them are about real witches. He just loves such type of stories. But these are only stories, right? But, obviously, it’s not true. Luke comes to know about the witches when he is confronted by the real ones. Luckily, Luke has many options to outsmart the witches.

Anna portrays the role of Grand High Witch, while Spencer portrays the role of Luke’s grandmother. With Jahzir Bruno starring as Luke and Chris Rock is the narrator. In the previous version released in 1990, Anjelica Huston played Anna’s role. Dahl disapproved of the 1990’s version, as it edited the book’s ending. But, Zemeckis’ film is a bit more faithful to Dahl’s adaptation.

The Witches to premier in the theaters early in June but then the plans were shelved. But, Warner Bros. has now decided to opt for the online streaming platform.

The film, along with its amazing cast and outstanding performance, it will definitely blow the audience’s mind. Casey Bloys mentioned that they are thrilled to premiere the movie on their platform amidst the pandemic situation. The relevant and engaging content will definitely keep you hooked to the screens. Amidst the current chaotic situation, reliving the old childhood stories, will be quite nostalgic, isn’t it?

So, let’s wait until the release date to watch the movie and how Anna Hathaway gives justice to the character.

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