The Witches Trailer Released: Chris Rock’s and Anne Hathaway powerful dialogues

The Witches Updates: HBO Max The Witches Trailer; Anne Hathaway is returning back in this series!! The series “The witches” is one of a fantastic comedy film and it was based on the genre of horror, fantasy. The audience showed their interest in this series as it was one of the popular films.

There were awesome trailer clips for this series and fans are much excited to watch the entire clips. This trailer shows fantastic scenes to watch the whole episodes. The entire series is suitable to watch for all of the family members and especially kids loved this series very much.

About The Witches  Trailer

In this trailer, the character Anne Hathaway played her role as the powerful witch at the grand high school. This series will show the storyline of Roald Dahl’s life and also shows the children’s struggles.

Image Source: The Indian Express

This script was written by the late Nicolas Roeg in the year of 1990. In the olden films, Anjelica Huston played her role as the grand witch and another character emerges in this story named Rowan Atkinson, he played his role as hotel manager Mr. Stringer.

The entire trailer clips run up to 2 minutes and the dialogue by Anne Hathaway was really interesting to watch the trailer. Anne Hathaway said her fellow witches, “ladies, I have a plan. One drop will transform a child into a mouse, and we will exterminate those brats”. This terrific dialogue reaches all over social media.

This series is set in the 1960s, the story of this series follows a little boy and he was living with his grandma at a hotel. One fine day, he was caught by witches and turned into a mouse. The boy thinks that he wants to save the children’s in the entire world.

We may expect the starring characters and also there were also some newcomers in this series. some of the new characters include Jahzir, Kadeem Bruno, Octavia spencer, Kristin Chenoweth, Stanely Tucci, along with actor and comedian Chris Rock.  Let us wait and discover some more new characters for this series.

I hope fans get satisfied with this information. stay tuned to discover more information about this series.

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