The Witches: UK version of the trailer is much darker than US version!

The Witches Updates: The Witches’ trailer is out now. But the version of the UK varies from the US one. Robert Zemeckis’ The Witches is the coming remake of the original 1990 movie sharing the same name.

The UK version is much darker than its US counterpart. The revamped version has Anna Hathway and Octavia Spencer as the lead protagonists.  Although the original movie took place in England, this revamped version will be in Alabama, in 1967 setting.

This revamped version has a much diverse star cast with Chris Rock being the narrator and newbie Jahzir Bruno as Luke, the lead protagonist. The trailer as well as the poster for the Witches movie is out now.

And fans are gushing over it as the film will be premiering on HBO Max by the Halloween time. The first trailer had a lot of comic and magical moments with Stanley Tucci portraying the role of Mr. Stringer, the Hotel manager.

Fans of the novel are a bit underwhelmed by the first trailer as it lacks some more darkness than its prequel. But, we will be giving you a piece of good news. Continue reading to know more.

Additional details on The Witches UK trailer

The UK version is a bit darker than the US version and provides justice to the original movie. The Warner Bros UK fans have now got a chance to check out the UK trailer of this thriller movie. As you can visualize, right from the start, the trailer overcomes the sing-songy nature of the US trailer, rather dives directly into the main matter: witches.

Image Source: New York Post

The movie wants the fan to dive deeper into the world of witches and go for a roller coaster ride. The trailer is family-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it would be all comedic and light. Rather it would be a lot spookier and dark than the US version which also coincides with Halloween. So, guys gear up for a spookier Halloween.

Despite the difference in the tone of the US and the UK trailer, the best thing is the revamped version is directed by the infamous director Zemeckis.

He is famous for his spectacular movies such as Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, etc, where he has proven multiple times regarding his ability to narrate stories and keep the audience hooked.

With a huge track record of giving back to back smashing hits, we expect this remake to be another international hit among audiences of all ages.

Initially, when the movie premiered in 1990, people didn’t actually appreciate the movie, but later on, the movie became quite famous owing to amazing adaptation and being a cult classic.

With the current pandemic going on, we don’t hope for a theatrical release, so we hope Zemeckis would receive the successes through the OTT platforms.


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