Spider-Man 3: What can improve Jamie Foxx’s Electro and What we know so far

Spider-Man 3
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Spider-Man 3 Updates: The news has already surfed the internet that Jamie Foxx is about to make a comeback in Spider-Man 3 as Electro, the part he previously played in Spider-Man 2. This time he might not be as blue as he was in the previous film.

We hope that Marvel will give a refreshing look to Electro that will justify his role well. There are some easy ways to drastically improve this new iteration of the villain, and hopefully, Spider-Man 3 will be all fun.

Let Jamie Foxx be the cool dude in the Film

Jamie Foxx is cast as a cool dude in the movie. As usual, he looks awesome, and he can surely kick some ass at any moment, but this is what confused the audience in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We need to see a cooler version of Electro. He should be characterized as a cooler hardened criminal who runs afoul of some experiments rather than an employee of a tech lab.

Spider-Man 3: Changes in the original suit

One thing that was right since the beginning was the decision to re-design the overall character’s look. The maintenance of Spider-Man’s look in the series is really commendable. I personally think that Electro should get a nice look at the new series.

Don’t make Electro a Sympathetic Character

Spider-Man 3
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We want Electro to be a deep character rather than being a sympathetic character. He is a loner and is unnoticed doesn’t fit well. He should be the ‘conduit’ to bring the Sinister Six together. As long as he remains a problem for Peter Parker his role will be justified.

Spider-Man 3: Make him a friend of another Villain

Electro should be introduced as a supporting villain rather than being a full-fledged villain because he never felt like a villain. He should be accompanied by someone like Kingpin, this will add more thrill to the story according to me.

Electro should make a move to get closer to the Sinister Six  

The Sinister Six has been the focus of the Spider-Man movie. With the sequel of the movie and Jamie Foxx playing Electro, we think he should be the key to reach the Sinister Six. It will feel like the movie is moving to a spectacular conclusion.


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