Fear The Walking Dead: Jenna Elfman hints the story of June in Season 6

Fear the Walking Dead Updates:  Introduced us to a few new characters in its previous seasons. Jenna Elfman was introduced to us in the fourth season of the show. The TV actress played portrayed a character who prefers to live alone after she has suffered and experienced enough tragedies in life. She has gone through many harsh experiences with a group in past.

However, further, we will see in the show that the group will split once again. Some will split into pairs while some in small groups. However, some will be all by themselves. As the sixth season of the show premiered on Sunday, the makers say that the writers of the show have planned to portray the entire story through a different approach this time.

Fear The Walking Dead: What Elfman had to say about June’s character?


Elfman explained that the character of June Dorie was welcomed by the survivors and she got married to John Dorie. She has also realized that her talisman is helping people. Her aim has always been helping people. Even before the apocalypse, she helped people.

Surprisingly, helping others keeps her happy and content. She knows she is okay if she is helping others. June has many valuable skills. However, her state of mind remains questionable as she is parted from her love.

June has extremely strong and binding values, however, she falls weak when she is separated from her lover. However, she keeps calm and goes to help people. Even in most vulnerable situations, she gets peace by staying connected to the activities that keep her sane. It gives her an odd strength.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will be going live on its streaming platform on Sunday, October 11. It will drop at 10 pm ET. A few new episodes will drop on the same day at 9 pm ET. Further, The Walking Dead will be coming for its Season 10 with six episodes. However, the final season of the show will drop in the fall of 2021.

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