Cobra Kai Season 3: Release Date & Tweet Brings into Highlight the recovery of Miguel

Cobra Kai Season 3 Updates: The makers of Cobra Kai have recently dropped an insight as to what one can expect in the upcoming season of the show. Season 3 of Cobra Kai is on its way and it does not look good for Miguel.

The previous running of the series, i.e., Season 2 had a cryptic end and the audience was left agonizing about the end of the season. However, the star of Season 2 William Zabka took it on social media to tell the audience about what all they can expect when the show makes a comeback in season 3.

Well, the tease does not bode well for Miguel. The tweet posted by Zabka gives hints about a difficult and challenging time ahead for Jonny Lawrence. It portrayed the logo of Cobra Kai popping continuously before it stops with a dead piercing sound of a flatline.

What Do The Hints Given By William Zabka Say?

Cobra Kai Season 3
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Zabka has given enough hints to make the audience much more excited about the next season. He said that nothing will be as simple as you perceive it to be. He said to keep an eye on the character of Ali. She is a big missing piece in his life and she is the lover who got away and would love to come back.

Further, he said that the lover would want to reconnect. However, as always, Cobra Kai has been full of surprises and excitement. Recently, after the release of the trailer, some of these surprises were revealed.

Further, William said how he has noticed the fan theories about the storyline of season 3. He said that there is a lot to be recovered in next season and there is a lot of healing.

Many pieces have to be put together and the fans are guessing good. The cast enjoyed the shoot of the previous season and he believes that the audience will enjoy watching them too. The show is getting translated into 30 countries.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Release Date

The third season of Cobra Kai will premiere on Netflix on January 8, 2021. William Zabka has tweeted this on his official Twitter handle.

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