Someone Has To Die: Confirmed Release Date, & Everything we know so far

Someone Has To Die Update: The Manolo Caro’s Spanish-Mexican drama ‘Someone has to die’ brings in another dysfunctional family living in a society with a reputation to uphold.

Famous for La Casa De Las Flores, Manolo Caro is back with another drama ‘Someone has to die’ about a young man who comes back to Mexico to meet his family chosen fiancèe.

He does not seem happily welcome there especially because he brings in Lazarus, a mysterious ballet dancer with him. It is evident that the family had a dark past full of secrets and no matter how much they hide it, it will hamper the present.

More about Someone Has To Die

“Everything happens in the 1950’s Spain, in a conservative and traditional society where appearances and family ties play a key role. With this work, Manolo Caro shows a new facet in his career and portrays a reality and a social problem posed from a very different point of view ”. Explained Netflix. This complicated family drama talks about prejudices and secrets.

Release Date Of- Someone Has To Die

It has just been confirmed that the miniseries will hit the streaming service globally on October 16, 2020. Viewers have high expectations regarding the series and are pretty sure that like the previous time, Manolo Carlo will not let them down.

Cast: Who Will Return

The cast of the upcoming thriller drama ‘Someone has to die as per Manolo Carlo is as follows:

Cecilia Suárez (The house of flowers, Perfect strangers), the winner of four Goya Awards and muse of Almodóvar Carmen Maura (La Comunidad, Volver, Ay, Carmela !, Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown), Mexican Alejandro Spitzer (Dark Desire, The Club), Ernesto Alterio (Secret Origins, Narcos: Mexico) and award-winning dancer Isaac Hernández (The King of the whole world).

The cast is completed by the Spanish Ester Expósito (Elite, Your son) and Carlos Cuevas (Merlí, 45 Revolución). Pilar Castro (Advantages of traveling by train, It’s for your good), Mariola Fuentes(Madrid Burns, Instinct), Eduardo Casanova (The house of flowers, Lord give me patience), Manuel Morón (Malaka, La Peste), and Juan Carlos Vellido (The cable girls, Hierro).

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