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Call Of Duty Accounts Hacked? Players Data, Passwords at Risk and What Experts has to say?

Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty Updates: In a recent report, it is seen that more than 500,00 accounts of Activision got hacked at the stake of login data. The owner of e-sports claimed that a breach of data has occurred on Sunday, Septemeber 20. The account details are leaked as said by Dexter and details have been changed to prevent recovery by the real owners.

Call of Duty is one of the most popular e-sports among youth and accounts of high profile Call of Duty players are the most targeted by the hackers. Other esports and gamers om Twitters reported a similar infringement. The first one was @okami acclaiming that ”It’s Legit”, adding players automatically changed account passwords.

What Activision has to Say

The spokesperson released a statement on September 22:
”Activision Call of Duty accounts have not compromised. Reports suggesting otherwise are not accurate. We investigate privacy concerns. As we always recommend the players to protect their account with primary precautions. Please visit our player support page for further information, including step by step instructions.”

Call Of Duty
The recommendation by the headquarters was comprehensive yet it lacked a vision of future security if they could emphasize more on Two-factor authentication.

What Call Of Duty Experts Say?

”A lot of games required accounts to play online” said Javvad Malik, a security advocate at KnowBe4, and the matter of security is trivial since the company didn’t pay much concern to the safety of a large number of player’s accounts.

Dean Ferrero, lead engineer at EMEA at Tripwire acknowledges the fact that breaching these massive accounts may prove a goldmine for malware to plan further attacks.

While on the other hand Activison has suppressed the matter that there is a massive account hacking campaign happening around and gamers can feel free to contact them to report any hack. This could be the result of stuffed and repetition of credentials involving passwords and other services used by players.

They disregarded using the same password and advised to install a password manager to ensure a more strong and unusual password to ensure the safety of the players and to avoid further damage in their gaming experience.


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