Call of Duty New Anti-Cheat Update Coming Soon

Call of Duty Updates: The District of Activision Call of Duty fraud software distributor is looking to take some drastic action after it removed an ad that appeared to be a video hoax.

Activision a Call of Duty Fraud Software

It looks like Activision has learned about a very serious new piece of fraudulent software plaguing Call of Duty and has removed YouTube videos advertising the program. This advanced piece of cheating software has been dubbed the “next generation of cheating” thanks to its console compatibility and machine learning technology and is undetectable.

Call of Duty is notorious for its problem with cheaters. These hackers particularly troubled Warzone because there is no cost for them to create a new account and continue with their crimes after being banned. The increase in crossplay has made hacking a more noticeable problem for console players.

The matter becomes even bigger, as many players are openly cheating, even as streamers have to prove that they can turn the game in their favor with an elaborate camera and stream set-ups. are not adding. Activision is still making efforts to prevent fraud by directly confronting those who hold the software responsible.

Attempts to directly remove the people responsible for creating Activision Software

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The Anti-Cheat Police Department on Twitter has said that Activision has removed a video advertising an advanced cheating software that essentially turns players into a magnet for a user’s gun.

This makes it incredibly easy to kill other players, taking skill out of the equation. With nothing officially said, it looks like an attempt is being made to directly remove the people responsible for creating Activision Software.

It’s not stated how Activision has strategized how to handle this, but it has become clear that the publisher is aware and is doing something about it.

Whether company attorneys can send creators a simple cease-and-desist letter or if it needs to do something more drastic remains to be seen, but, understandably, Activision would want to maintain the integrity of the call.

The gaming giant’s Call of Duty cheat creators has been subjected to legal action several times before, so it looks like a similar action could happen here. As Activision tries to corner the free-to-play market, it seeks to keep its audience happy by eliminating fraudsters quickly and efficiently, or potentially micro-transactions or even potential micro-transactions if players become convinced.

That it can lose a lot of money in a full-price game that riddled the entire series with cheaters. As of now, it has banned over half a million cheaters from CoD and the numbers are likely to continue to rise.

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