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Ratched Season 2 Theory: Will Edmund kill Gwendolyn?

Ratched Season 2

Ratched Season 2 Updates: Till now plot details for season two of Ratched have not revealed or surfaced yet. But the thing that is possible is Netflix’s show which serves as the origin story of the primary antagonist of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest.

May witness Edmund killing his own sister Gwendolyn. Though Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy are quite comfortable and enjoying after another successful collaboration with the show.

Though the show has a lot of negative critic reviews it has a major fanbase all around the globe. The audience loves to watch the concept of an origin story for an icy wicked nurse from Ken Kelsey’s novel.

Ratched Season 1 ends with many questions :

At her core, Mildred represents the woman trying to establish a successful career for herself as a health professional. Despite that, she is not actually a legitimate nurse. She is quite passionate about her belief that the mind can be fully cured, even in the cases of severely suck patients. Although she has a tragic history which results in immense love for her brother.

Ratched Season 2

Her brother is a serial killer and the name is Edmund. Season one of Ratched also explores Mildred’s sexuality and how she comes to learn about romantic attraction towards another woman. In many ways, it’s is quite easy to empathize with Mildred. So there is a requirement of the route that embraces her rise as a villain.

Season one of the show already depicts conflict is looming on the horizon for Mildred and Gwendolyn. After she diagnoses her breast cancer. Then they both arise at a common conclusion that head towards Mexico for her treatment.

So that her life can be saved. Seem to enjoy being healthy and in love for their time. But Mildred always keeps a watch nearby after Edmunds’s escape. Edmund originally intended to execute by the Californian government.

Mildred can not digest the news of his murder plans. So viciously, she with a nurse Bucket makes a plan to execute Edmund humanely. But Demand escapes and gets to know the plan.  Now season two may witness Edmund killing his own sister Guvendolyn.

Official release dates are not available yet. So wait and stay tuned, we will update the details as soon as they arrive.

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