Squid Game K-drama

Squid Game K-drama: Coming to Netflix, Release Date, Cast and Plot Details

Squid Game K-drama is Coming to Netflix. We have details about its Release Date, Cast, and the possible plot. Who doesn’t like a show narrating how some bunch of people compete with each other to win some prize money… what’s the catch? The stakes of the game are quite literally deadly.
The survival game uses the tactics of luring the people who have suffered the most in life with money which can set them for their whole life. They were lured in by the statement that they will
have to play a children’s game when they truly didn’t have any idea what the rules and the game itself entailed. The show is thriller genre so we may know what it is going to entail.

The prize is it’s not 1 or 2 million the prize money is 45.6 Billion Korean Won which equals $40 million dollars. Each and every person who is participating in the contest has been through something or the other.

For example, someone who is fired from a job had a rough divorce. Someone who wants to make it out with money so he/she can have a better life, A gangster who wants to turn his life around and some people are there for just fun too.

Squid Game Cast Details

Squid Game K-drama details

The show was officially announced by Netflix on September 2 2019 and was originally named Round six. The story is based on the popular children/teen game from the 1970s and 1980s evidently known as Squid game. Lee Jung-jae playing Ki-hoon a business failure, a divorcee in debt who has gambling issues is the main protagonist. He is quite popular in Korea for both his acting as well as his model career. Some of his best works include “The housemaid”, “Assassin” and “Sandglass”.

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Some of the cast includes Park Hae-soo playing Sang-woo, who is also junior to Ki-hoon and now ahead of the investment team. Oh, young-soo playing II-nam, an elderly person who has joined the game just for fun. Completed by Wi Ha-joon, Jung Ho-yeon, Heo Sung-tae, Kim Joo-ryung, and some others as a wonderful supporting cast who are playing a great part.

Episode Count

The 8 episodes 60 minutes each will be airing on the famous streaming platform Netflix starting from September 17 2021. Netflix released the trailer of the show on September 2 2021. It will be perfect to say that the trailer leaves a lot of rocks to turned and we just can’t wait to see how wonderful or in this case deadly it is.