Doctor Who Season 14 “Confirm” Release Date and More!

Doctor Who Season 14 is all set to be released in next 2-3 days on Disney Plus and here are the details you need to know about the upcoming series.

Last on Doctor Who – and here’s a little recap! The mysterious alien time traveler landed in a junkyard in 1963. With a wee bit of help from humans, monstrous enemies, and fellow Time Lord ‘frenemies’ ‘he’ reinvented himself – to the point of getting a facelift and eventually even gender.

Returning to the current year, nearly after 61 years later and more than 15 doctors after – ‘Doctor Who’ has completely gone all in for a facelift – quite literally speaking as it has been reimagined and remade for Gen Z.

Season 14 welcomes the world as it centers on the Fifteenth doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) and his mysterious friend Ruby Sunday (played by Millie Gibson) – and Gen Z viewers are so ready to watch the reinvented version of Doctor Who.

What Is the Synopsis of Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Season 14

The fourteenth season of Doctor Who is all set to premiere on May 10 and 11, 2024 starring Gatwa as the Time Lord and Millie Gibson as Sunday. The season promises the reprise of legendary monsters (new ones!), and out-of-this-world adventures with the duo embarking on exciting escapades in the TARDIS across several historical periods.

The upcoming season is poised to unravel so many mysteries – particularly including the identity of Ruby’s mother and the enigmatic persona Mrs Flood (played by Anita Dobson), who breaks a fourth wall.

However, beyond this, the official synopsis is under hush-hush until the official release hits next week.

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How Many Episodes Are In Doctor Who Season 14?

Doctor Who Season 14
Radio Times

The upcoming season will consist of eight episodes with each new installment airing weekly however, a comprehensive synopsis is yet to be released to avoid spoilers!

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Where to watch the series?

Doctor Who Season 14
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The fourteenth season of the iconic series has been scheduled to air on Disney + and will be released on May 10th in the US and internationally – and May 11th in the UK.