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Daredevil Season 4: Will it be on Netflix or Disney Plus? – How it could be like in MCU?

Daredevil Season 4 is the most-awaited Superhero Series on Netflix after it was officially canceled after season 3 when the contract between Netflix and Marvel ended. The fans were quite upset about the news but as Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) has returned to MCU as seen the recent release of Marvel – Spider-Man: No Way Home and the most love villain King Pin aka Wilson Fisk is also is now on MCU’s main timeline who had debuted in the Hawkeye Series on Disney Plus.

So the heartbeats of fans ahs increased as they want to know Marvel or Disney will announce the series as Daredevil Season 4, Although it could be a soft reboot to the series as the series could not be the R- Rated if it will occur in the Marvel Universe.

How we can get Daredevil back as Daredevil Season 4 or a new Reboot?

I think Disney should continue the character as the main series on their streaming portal rather than using the superhero as the cameo appearances in the other Marvel projects. Marvel and Disney should give the series a soft reboot and give the Daredevil Season 4 with the same storyline where the story was ended in season 3 on Netflix.



If that’s possible then the fans will be more than happy and the series can get the maximum audience as they can relate to the characters and the cast.

Who could appear in Season 4?

The Daredevil Season 4 will certainly have the two major characters Daredevil aka Matt Murdock which role will be played by our own Charlie Cox and he has already been introduced in Spider-Man as the lawyer Matt Murdock when Peter was dealing with his identity got revealed in the movie and he was needed a lawyer. That’s how we had seen Matt Murdock talking with Spider-Man ka Peter Parker and his aunt and happy.


So it’s confirmed that Charlie Cox will be the Daredevil and we already had seen Vincent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin or Wilson Fisk in MCU in the Hawkeye series and we know his story is ended after the last episode of the show so we know that he will return for sure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe most probably in the upcoming ‘Echo’ series on Disney Plus.

And we all know Matt Murdock cannot be Daredevil without Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson), so these few characters are the must-give Daredevila soft reboot in Season 4.

What could happen in Season 4 or the Reboot?

If Daredevil Season 4 will happen then the story will forward where season 3 was ended as we had seen the backstory of Bullseye and Kingpin is again now in the jail and we know that Bullseye will be back. So if Disney will continue with that story we can see Matt Murdock again fighting with Kingpin and Bullseye (Wilson Bethel).

Or Marvel and Disney can introduce Echo to Daredevil’s universe as they had already announced the TV Series of Echo, who is also one of the most important villains in Daredevil’s Comics. The Other Villains who can appear in Daredevil Season 4 will be Mysterio (Although he is already dead in Marvel’s Universe) in the Spider-Man: far from Home, But there are always various possibilities in the Marvel Multiverse.