Shōgun Episode 4 “The Eightfold Fence” Release Date and Time!

When Is Shōgun Episode 4 Coming? Well, Shōgun episode 4 is set to come out in March 2024, specifically at midnight ET. In this episode, the story focuses on the rising tension in Osaka, and Toranaga successfully escapes from the dangerous Regents.

However, things don’t go entirely in Toranaga’s favor as unexpected challenges arise during his journey to Kanto. These challenges include negotiations with foreign enemies, building trust with an unlikely ally, and the heartbreaking loss of a significant friend.

The episode is an emotional roller coaster, featuring touching moments and intense action scenes that keep viewers engaged. To find out more about Episode 4 of Shōgun, including its release date, a recap of the previous episode, and what to expect in the upcoming one, continue reading the article.

When Is Shōgun Episode 4 Coming?

Shōgun Episode 4
FX Network

The fourth episode of Shōgun is scheduled to come out on Tuesday, March 10, 2024, at midnight Eastern Time. If you miss it, don’t worry! You can catch it again on FX’s cable TV network at 10:00 p.m. ET.

The episode will be available first on Hulu before airing again on FX. For those in Latin America, the series will only be on Star+. Since these platforms have some restrictions, people worldwide can watch the latest episodes in real time and stay updated on the story by using Disney+.

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Recap Of Episode 3 Of Shōgun

Shōgun Episode 4

The episode began with Yabushige meeting Toranaga. Toranaga offered Yabushige more land in Suruga if he safely escorted John and Lady Kiri to Ajiro, a fishing village.

Ishido checked everything was okay after hearing about their sudden departure. He wanted his men to join the escort to ensure it wasn’t a trick.

Lady Shizu pretended to be in labor so Toranaga could switch with Lady Kiri. Despite clearance from Ishido, they were stopped again at Osaka Palace. John caused a commotion, allowing them to pass. On the way, Kiyama attacked, revealing Toranaga. They reached the ship but had to leave Buntaro behind.

John had an idea to escape from attackers by getting on a big Portuguese ship. Toranaga talked with them to make it happen, but one condition was that John had to stay behind. However, John took charge of a smaller ship with the crew.

Later in Osaka, Toranaga quit the Council of Regents and canceled his impeachment. Toranaga then made John a Hatamoto and told him to teach diving. After some demonstrations, Toranaga challenged John to a race to the shore.

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Shōgun Episode 4
Den of Geek

In the next episode of Shōgun titled ‘The Eightfold Fence,’ Toranaga and his companions will arrive in the Kanto region. Here, John/Anjin will witness the strength of the Lord of Kanto.

Toranaga is gathering all his loyal lords to oppose the deceitful Regents, who aim to corrupt and ruin Taikō’s legacy.

In episode 4, there’s a sneak peek that reveals John shielding Usami from Kashigi, Yabushige’s nephew, and his crew. He does this by wielding two flintlocks. The next episode is set to have a lot of excitement, tension, and surprising plot turns. Toranaga, unintentionally, is getting closer to a power he never planned to seek.