Austin Butler Spotted Shirtless With Kaia Gerber on Christmas Vacation!

Sun-drenched vacation of Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber. As the shout-outs of ‘Jailhouse Rock’ have not yet disappeared after Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber made their way on red carpets for their movie, both of them were spotted spending their quality time for some relaxation at Cabo San Lucas as their Christmas vacation.

As being so widely known and popular both the personalities are caught by the watchful eyes of people and paparazzi, who captured their photographs and videos together.

What Did the Couple Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber on Their Vacation?

Austin Butler
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On Christmas day, the perfect couple Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber was spotted relaxing alongside a pool of a lounge. With a clear sky above them with a bright sun shining upright.

Austin took this opportunity perfectly and wore nothing just a sleek black swim truck that showcased her body and abs perfectly as it gave full exposure to his body. Kaia who is an ever epitome of a wicked person with a cool personality was seen in a floral kind of bikini dancing along the poolside there.

Both of them were seen in high spirits and were seen laughing together which made evident that both of them were in a very good and light mood and enjoying their vacation in each other’s company with the warmth of the sun showcasing their carefree behavior.

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Here are some pictures of Austin and Kaia from their Vacation.

Austin Butler
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Both of them were seen enjoying some water sports including kayaking and swimming also. After getting done with their enjoyment activities they were seen roaming around the beach hand in hand.

It was clear that both of them were very happy together making their bond stronger than before. They had even shared dome quiet moments when the sun dipped in the ocean and left the sky painted all red and pink with a cold gentle breeze.

The couple shared lots of romantic moments there on the beach. There is a following rumor of their engagement as Kaia was seen wearing a golden ringer on her ring finger.

Whatever is going on between the couple for their future ahead one thing is sure and has been made clear from their this vacation that both of them are in so much love with each other their love is not less than a vintage love story that has captured many young hearts.

Their efforts towards showing their love and support for each other were also seen quite a few times during this vacation as the new year is around the corner just like normal people they also decided to celebrate their New Year’s Eve with their special one.

One thing was certain, though: Austin and Kaia were living their best lives in sunny Cabo. Theirs was a love story unfolding like a vintage film, each frame capturing the raw joy of young hearts dancing in the rhythm of the tides.

And as the new year approached, one couldn’t help but wonder what melodies their love song would hold, under the ever-watchful gaze of the Mexican sun.