My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Is Out to Read Now!

My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Out Now: Well, My Hero Academia Chapter 414 is scheduled for release in February 2023 at midnight Japan Standard Time. In this chapter, the main character, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, along with his friends, has a plan.

He is willing to sacrifice his most valuable possessions to achieve a significant victory. Fans are eager to find out if this plan will be successful. However, the exact details of the chapter’s focus remain unknown until verified spoiler information becomes available.

While fans wait for spoilers, they do have the official release date, and spoiler information is expected to be released in the coming days. This article will provide a detailed breakdown of all the current information about My Hero Academia chapter 414 and offer speculations about what to expect.

My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Read Now!

My Hero Academia Chapter 414
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The new chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 414, is coming out on Monday, February 1, 2023, at midnight Japan Standard Time (JST). For fans outside Japan, it will likely be available sometime on Sunday, February 11.

However, certain international readers, especially in Japan, might get to read it in the early hours of Monday, February 12. The exact release time depends on your location and time zone. You can read the chapter for free on Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service or Viz Media’s official website.

Both services allow you to check out the first and latest three issues of a series without charge. Alternatively, Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app is a paid subscription service that provides access to the entire series.

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Recap Of Chapter 413 Of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 414
My Hero Academia Manga Online

In My Hero Academia chapter 413, the story begins with All Might having visions of Star and Stripe’s last moments. Star’s essence is discovered within All For One, where she encounters a “forlorn little boy” in Tomura Shigaraki’s soul.

All Might wakes up, questioning if it was just a dream, but realizes that One For All is gradually coming apart.

The focus then shifts to a confrontation between Shigaraki and Deku. Shigaraki has a vision of Star and recalls her final words.

Deku is pushed back and demands an explanation from Kudo about giving up One For All. Kudo explains that there is a small scar in Shigaraki’s soul where Tenko Shimura is visible.

He suggests forcefully transferring One For All to open the scar for victory, emphasizing that he should be the one to do it to avoid Shigaraki’s potential backlash from using Gearshift.

As the former users of One For All discuss the plan, Nana Shimura recognizes that Deku is struggling because One For All is his most precious possession from All Might.

Shigaraki charges at Deku, and Kudo pressures him to make a decision. Deku agrees to the plan. The chapter concludes with Deku using Black Whip to wrap himself and destroy Shigaraki’s arm. Shigaraki remarks on how Deku doesn’t look like a hero in his current state.

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What To Expect From Chapter 414 Of My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia Chapter 414
My Hero Academia Manga Online

In the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter 414, Deku and his allies are preparing their next move. Deku’s main goal is to create an opportunity for Shigaraki, their opponent, to steal Gearshift.

Shigaraki’s aim is not only to take Gearshift but also to acquire One For All and its various Quirk Factors. So, Deku acts quickly to lure Shigaraki towards Gearshift.

Once Shigaraki steals it, the focus shifts to Kudo, who is ready to execute his plan. Meanwhile, in the story, Shigaraki immediately tries to use Gearshift. However, this triggers the Quirk’s backlash due to its repeated use, giving Deku an advantage externally while Kudo prepares his attack internally.