When Is One Piece Chapter 1106 Coming?

When Is One Piece Chapter 1106 Coming? Well, One Piece Chapter 1106 is scheduled to be released in February 2024 at midnight JST. In this chapter, the Buster Call begins, and the Straw Hats are making their final preparations to escape Egghead Island. The situation becomes a race against time.

However, there’s uncertainty surrounding the fate of Jewelry Bonney and Bartholomew Kuma, adding suspense for fans eagerly awaiting the release. As of now, there are no confirmed spoilers for Chapter 1106. Although there are some unverified spoilers circulating, their credibility is questionable.

Fortunately, readers can rely on the official release information provided in this article. This article delves into all the confirmed details about the upcoming chapter and offers some speculation about what might happen next in the story.

When Is One Piece Chapter 1106 Coming?

One Piece Chapter 1106

One Piece Chapter 1106 will be released on Monday, February 5, 2024, at 12:00 AM Japan Standard Time (JST).

For most international fans, it will be available on Sunday morning in their local time. However, a smaller group of international fans, similar to those in Japan, will have access to the chapter on Monday night. The specific release time varies depending on your location and time zone.

Fans can read the chapter through official sources such as Viz Media’s website, Shueisha’s MANGAPlus website, or Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app.

The first two options are free, allowing readers to access a series’s first and latest three issues. The third option is a paid, subscription-based service that provides readers with complete access to an entire series.

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Recap Of Chapter 1105 Of One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1106
One Piece Manga Online

In One Piece Chapter 1105, things started off with the Marines and Vice Admirals leaving the island as requested by Admiral Kizaru and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

However, Kizaru and Saturn stayed behind. They confronted Dr. Vegapunk, and Saturn admitted to ordering the sinking of a civilian ship that had left the island the day before.

Saturn believed they all shared responsibility for his actions, comparing it to a past event involving Ohara.

Meanwhile, as the Marines and Mark III Pacifistas prepared to attack, Sanji sent Franky, Kuma, Bonney, and Vegapunk Atlas to a safe place called the Labo-Phase.

He then updated Nami on the whereabouts of Jinbe, Roronoa Zoro, Brook, and Vegapunk Lilith. Nico Robin was asleep at the time. Suddenly, the Buster Call began, causing chaos.

Dr. Vegapunk watched sadly as his home was destroyed. Kizaru intercepted Franky and his group, causing them to fall after cutting their rocket tube. Saturn ordered the Pacifistas to target Bonney and Kuma.

Dr. Vegapunk expressed concern about Bonney’s involvement in piracy as Luffy was discovered. The chapter ended with a Marine ship sent by Saturn being sunk by an unknown group heading towards Egghead.

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What To Expect From Chapter 1106 Of One Piece?

One Piece Chapter 1106

The upcoming One Piece chapter 1106 is expected to start with the resolution of the previous issue’s cliffhanger.

It seems likely that Bonney and Kuma will be rescued, possibly by Sanji or Luffy, considering Luffy’s recent return.

Both characters might contribute to the rescue, with one saving Kuma and Bonney, and the other saving Franky and Atlas, who are also in a precarious situation. This chapter is anticipated to initiate the setup for the final battles in the Egghead arc.

Sanji is expected to face off against Kizaru, and Luffy against Saturn. However, these fights may be interrupted by the arrival of the unidentified force that attacked the Marine ship sent after the Egghead civilians. Despite potential interruptions, these matchups are likely to be the concluding battles of the arc.