When Is Ripley Coming on Netflix?

The limited series stars Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley in the legendary tale of murder filled with lies, betrayal, and deceit set in 1960s New York. Here’s everything that we know about the series!

The plot and episode count of Ripley is…. The limited series comprises eight episodes, thereby qualifying as the name suggests, a limited series, without any plans for any second installment.

The plot revolves around Tom Ripley (played by Andrew Scott), a grifter surviving in early 1960s New York City.

However, his services are hired by a wealthy man, and Ripley is given the task of persuading his wayward son Dickie Greenleaf (played by Johnny Flynn) to return home.

The catch is that, this job might seem like an emotional and sentimental task but it propels Tom into a never-ending web of lies, deception, fraud, and ultimately – murder.

Things get just a tad bit more complicated when Marge Sherwood (played by Dakota Fanning), an American, enters the storyline and harbors a suspicion about Tom’s rather friendly behavior and mannerisms.

Who Are the Cast Members?


Notably, Andrew Scott is the lead actor who plays the role of Tom Ripley – interestingly, he is also credited as a producer for the series. The other cast members of the series include Dakota Fanning (played as Marge Sherwood) and Johnny Flynn (played as Dickie Greenleaf).

Now as you know, Fanning’s character Marge is suspicious of Tom’s true intentions but it helps to know that she also plays Dickie’s girlfriend.

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When Will the Series Be Released?


The official release date for the limited series on Netflix has not been disclosed yet – but we don’t know the confirmed dates. We just know it’s this year!

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Will There Be A Second Season?

British GQ

Ripley is a limited series – without any chances for a second season.