Netflix’s Ripley “Confirm” Release Date and Time!

When Is Netflix’s Ripley Coming? Well, Netflix’s upcoming series “Ripley,” starring Andrew Scott, is set to be released in April 2024. The streaming platform revealed the much-anticipated trailer on March 5, 2024.

The series, created by writer/director Steven Zaillian, is expected to be just as exciting as previous Ripley adaptations. Taking place in 1960s Italy and New York, the story follows Tom (played by Andrew Scott), a clever and resourceful man.

His ordinary life takes a dramatic turn when he encounters Dickie Greenleaf’s (played by Johnny Flynn) father.

Dickie is a wealthy playboy who has fled to Europe with his friend Marge (played by Dakota Fanning). To get all the details about this upcoming Netflix series “Ripley,” read this article till the end.

When Is Netflix’s Ripley Coming?


Netflix is going to release the Ripley series on April 4, 2024, in the United States. The series, based on Patricia Highsmith’s book The Talented Mr. Ripley, will have a total of eight episodes. Also, it’s a limited series, meaning there won’t be more than one season.

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Major Cast Members In Netflix’s Ripley


In the eight-episode limited series, the main character, a con artist named Tom Ripley, is portrayed by Andrew Scott, an award-winning actor known for his roles in Sherlock, Fleabag, All of Us Strangers, and more.

Andrew Scott, speaking to Vanity Fair about his role, says that he believes that when an actor takes on a role, they should understand and support their character.

Andrew Scott thinks that it’s important to ignore what other people might think about the character and focus on creating their unique version of them. Another character in the series is Dickie Greenleaf, played by Johnny Flynn, who you might know from Emma.

Dickie is a charming and wealthy man who introduces Ripley to a luxurious lifestyle, but Ripley becomes obsessed with him. Dakota Fanning plays Marge Sherwood, Dickie’s wealthy partner, but it’s not clear yet what their roles will involve. The series also features Eliot Summer and the John Malkovich.

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About The Trailer Of Netflix’s Ripley

In the trailer, we saw that Tom Ripley keeps saying Dickie’s words while looking at himself in the mirror. But Dickie’s friend, Marge Sherwood, thinks there’s something not right about Tom’s calmness. She tells Dickie and the authorities about her suspicions, but they don’t take her seriously.

Marge says in the video, “Tom is someone who uses others for his benefit. He’s using Dickie.” Dickie doesn’t seem bothered by Marge’s worries, but when she pays close attention to Tom, he starts feeling nervous. His confident behavior starts to fade, and he denies knowing what Marge is talking about.

Another character played by Eliot Sumner finds out about Tom’s fake IDs and demands an explanation. It seems like Marge isn’t the only one who sees through Tom’s lies.

After Dickie goes missing, the Italian police start following Tom, making him even more cautious. You can watch the trailer for Netflix’s Ripley just above: