The Floor Fox Release Date, Contestants and More!

‘The Floor’ is a game show with about 81 candidates and each of these players has a topic assigned for the recordings if that’s not enough, each of these players is subsequently given their subject to be represented by a box on a rather interactive LED floor.

At the beginning of the show, we can expect to see a computer randomly choosing players ‘on the floor’ and the said candidate is then given topics that appear.

Rob Lowe is taking the show as host and producer, and with his spectacular skills, ‘The Floor’ turns out to be quite a catch as contestants from across the globe stand to compete for a whopping $250,000 prize. The only question that lies is, who will conquer The Floor when it debuts midseason?

What is the Show The Floor About?

The Floor

A physical, trivia quiz game show, ‘The Floor’ stands out as quite the show with about 81 contestants. They have a face-off on a giant LED floor, which has been divided into a hundred equal squares each representing a respective field of knowledge.

As mentioned, a random challenger is selected and they must choose their opponent to go head-to-head in a mindboggling quiz duel in a category as per the opponent’s choice.

The winning side gets to take over the loser’s square (thereby gaining valuable ground as they ‘expand territory’) while the loser leaves the game. The next step? Will the winner continue its conquest of gambling an epic win? Or will they graciously let ‘The Floor’ authority choose a brand-new challenger?

The last winning contestant stands to gain full control over the game’s real kill – a life-changing and whopping $250,000 cash prize!

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Does This Sound Exciting, or Does It Sound Exciting?

The Floor

Produced by Eureka Productions, Talpa, and BiggerStage – ‘The Floor’ has a lot of surprises in store for viewers and contestants. The show’s executive producers include a large army of talent including John de Mol, Mark van Achterberg, Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Eden Gaha and so many more!

Anthony Carbone serves as showrunner while Rob Lowe is the show’s producer. The Floor’s format (created and owned by Talpa) has been sold in six countries making America the seventh market! Talk about success!