Will There Be Letterkenny Season 13?

Will there be Letterkenny Season 13 on Hulu or Not? Season 12 was the last season of the series. Let’s find out the details you need to know about the Hulu series.

The series concluded with 12 amazing seasons but as you know, all good things have to come to an end, and that is the case here – the decision that came along in November 2023, broke millions of hearts as the anticipation for the next season was unceremoniously let down.

The release dates for the final season on Crave in Canada and Hulu in the US were made – with no expectation for a final season. The good thing is that the show has enjoyed a run for its money since its premiere in 2016 as it captured several lives and misadventures of residents in rural Ontario.

Will the Universe Continue to Expand With Letterkenny Season 13?

Letterkenny Season 13

While we know there won’t be a for Letterkenny Season 13, the show’s universe is still expected to expand via spin-offs and possible parodies.

According to Deadline, Jared Keeso has signed a brand new contract with Crave to develop several episodes of the spin-off series ‘Shoresy’. This comes with more expectations of another series in the coming years.

This news was revealed to Justin Stockman (Crave’s VP of Content development and programming) who then highlighted the arrangement with the Canadian media – this proves that the deal does not stop Jared Keeso from creating magic for other various platforms.

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What Does the Conclusion of the Series Say?

Letterkenny Season 13

The finale of the series last season brought on a befitting conclusion – thereby this explains the end of the season, and canceling the hopes for the next.

In the final episode, the plot revolves around Wayne and his group who hoped to rescue their friend Daryl from the Degens – leading a classic battle against the two with Wayne’s group winning against the Degens.

In addition to this, Stewart and Roald are shown to scheme something pretty important for the town, which would take place at a rave in Aeghall. With little to no expectations, both are pleasantly surprised when the event becomes a roaring success with the entire town attending the party!

The ending in general was wholesome and a perfect closure for the show as it wrapped up with unique style and spirit.