When Is Damsel Netflix Movie Coming?

When Is The Netflix Movie Damsel Coming? Well, in 2016, Millie Bobby Brown became famous because of a TV show called Stranger Things on Netflix. She was just 12 years old when she started playing the character Eleven, who had special powers. People quickly saw that she was talented.

After that show, Millie’s career got even better. She acted in some really popular movies in Hollywood. But now, she’s not just acting – she’s also producing movies. One of her latest movies is called Damsel.

It’s about a princess named Elodie who gets stuck in a cave with a dragon after someone she trusted does something really bad to her.

Elodie figures out that she’s the only one who can save herself. Millie Bobby Brown not only acts as Elodie but also helps make decisions about the movie as an executive producer.

Damsel is set to come out in the early spring. If you want to know more about Damsel, keep reading to find out all the details we have so far.

When Is The Netflix Movie Damsel Coming?


The Netflix movie titled “Damsel” was supposed to come out on Netflix everywhere on October 13, 2023, but that didn’t happen. They didn’t tell us when it would come out for most of the year. But in December 2023, Netflix said that “Damsel” will be available to watch on their platform on March 8, 2024.

They haven’t said if the movie will be shown in theaters, so we don’t know if you can see it on a big screen yet.

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What Is The Plotline Of The Netflix Movie


The story of “Damsel” begins with a young woman named Elodie. She agrees to marry someone she thinks is the perfect partner. But things take a terrible turn when she realizes that the marriage is a trap.

Instead of a happy life, she’s meant to be a sacrifice for an old debt owed by the royal family she’s marrying into. They plan to offer her to a dangerous dragon they owe something to.

Without anyone to help her, Elodie has to use her cleverness to escape and save herself from the dragon’s pit.

“Damsel” is a new movie or TV show that changes the usual story of helpless princesses, and it sounds exciting to see how the strong and smart Princess Elodie beats the people trying to harm her.

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Who Are The Major Cast Members In The Netflix Movie?


In the Netflix movie Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown stars as Princess Elodie in the lead role. Alongside her are Nick Robinson from “Jurassic World” as Prince Henry, and Angela Bassett known for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” as Elodie’s stepmother, Lady Bayford.

Robin Wright, famous for “The Princess Bride,” portrays Queen Isabelle while Ray Winstone from “The Departed” takes on the role of the King.

Additionally, Ricky Guillart from “Dear Earth” appears as Sir Oded, and Brooke Carter from “The Peripheral” plays Prince Henry’s younger sister.

You’ll also see Shohreh Aghdashloo from “The Expanse,” Sam Sharma from “Operation Cobra,” Saif Mohsen from “They Cloned Tyrone,” Sonya Nisa from “Red Rose,” Elmano Sancho from “Filha da Lei,” and Erickson Santos Gomes from “Quer o Destino” in various roles throughout the show.