Will John Boyega Replace Jonathan Majors In MCU?

Who will be playing the role of Kang in place of Jonathan Majors?

Recently the departure of Jonathan Majors has been witnessed by everyone from one of the most sophisticated Union, Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kang the Conqueror which typically left fans in shock and a state of wonder about who will be the next villain of the multi-universe.

So cutting through all the facts it is speculated that John Boyega will be seen in the role. As John is potentially the emerging personality among the viewers, he will be replacing Jonathan Majors for the role of villain.
How the fans reacted and what new for Boyega is waiting ahead?

Fans have welcomed this decision with excitement as his name was eventually coming up through online discussions and voting about who would be the successor of Majors.

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Here’s What John Boyega Said About Replacing Jonathan Majors in MCU.

Jonathan Majors

Eventually, John Boyega’s name came up, it is evident that he has a different charisma, acting potential, and physique that is favorable for the cast and all align for the role of Kang. He can portray his role to everyone.

Boyega’s one of the performance as Finn in the sequel of Star Wars showed exactly his potential and power along with the determined ability that promised both humor and depth to the role of being a villain. He proved his ability and talent through it as being a captivating villain.

Apart from superhero roles, Boyega has even impressed everyone with his diverse acting skills, from the drama ‘Detroit’ to the sci-fi-based action in ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’. All his roles showed his wide range of acting skills that he can adapt to any role and add his touch to any of them.

Doing Marvel’s commendable and one of the most anticipated sequences will add new heights to Boyega’s legacy. He will surely enjoy his new life as Kang which will represent his new and different style of personality.

Apart from new obstacles and challenges surely Boyega will take up his new role as Kang effectively with all his support from his fans and his determination to act he will surely outgrace the role conquering every situation. Time will tell how Boyega will be playing the role of Kang but he will surely add new drama to the role.