The Kitchen Official Trailer Released on Netflix!

Daniel Kaluuya, star of Black Panther, makes his writing debut in Netflix‘s The Kitchen. It’s a dystopian futuristic thriller featuring Izi (Kane Robinson) and 12-year-old Benji (played by debutant Jedaiah Bannerman), whose worlds cross as they battle against a “system that is stacked against them.”

The bleak drama is set in London in 2044 when the financial gap has widened beyond recognition. Every kind of social housing has been wiped out, and the working classes are now forced to reside in temporary housing on the outskirts of the city.

The Kitchen | Official Trailer

In the latest trailer for The Kitchen, the world is sinking into complete chaos as the system collapses, throwing millions into financial ruin. From the start, audiences will see how many people deal with their economic issues by committing heists and minor crimes.

Most of these “criminals” are distributing the goods they stole from trucks and carriers to the most needy people: those living in the Kitchen, the last remaining social homing system.

Robinson’s Izi, a recently released ex-con, wants nothing more than to leave the Kitchen and start a new life with a small kid we later learn is his son, Benji. Teaching Benji how to cope with life in the Kitchen is no easy task, as police raids and internal violence are everyday events.

Nonetheless, the estranged family members try to mend their relationship and make up for their years apart while keeping one another alive.

While it isn’t stated in the trailer, previously released information suggested that Izi will be forced to make a life-changing decision that would see him return to a life of crime to keep him alive.

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The Cast and Crew of The Kitchen.

The Kitchen

Kane “Kano” Robinson plays Izi, the father who will go to every extent to save his ill son’s life.

Jedaiah Bannerman will make his acting debut as Izi’s son, Benji. Fiona Marr (Ted Lasso) will portray Amy, a grief counselor, and will most likely share some scenes with Benji, given his mother has died.

Hope Ikpoku Jnr, who co-starred with Kane Robinson in Top Boy & the television series Bulletproof, joins them in the cast.

In addition to Alan Asaad (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch), Demmy Ladipo (Dreaming Whilst Black), & Lola-Rose Maxwell (Starstruck), Henry Lawfull (A Boy Called Christmas) will play Cronik. Harvey Quinn (The Witcher) narrates the film.

The Kitchen will air on Netflix in the United States on January 19, 2024.