My Daemon Anime Series: Netflix Release Date November 2023 & First Look

During Netflix’s Geeked Week, the streaming service revealed an English-subbed trailer for My Daemon, its next addition to the anime world.

My Daemon was initially introduced at TUDUM in September 2022, and we got our first glimpse at it, although only a little else was told about what we should anticipate.

It was announced during the TUDUM Japan presentation, where the program debuted using Netflix’s Anime account.

My Daemon’s story is not average; it is one of love, acceptance, and the pursuit of a happy ending! This adventurous animation will whet all of your appetites and is sure to leave an impression on anime fans!

So mark your calendars for the scheduled release of My Daemon and prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

From the official release date of the new series to its concept, here’s everything we know thus far about Netflix’s new series, My Daemon.

My Daemon | Official Trailer

As we reach the gloomier winter months, My Daemon, which explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and defying social norms, will add to Netflix‘s expanding library of original horror anime.

The new series, which features vibrant 3D animation and incredibly lifelike daemons, has already drawn parallels from fans to the dark sci-fi masterwork Made in Abyss. The new My Daemon trailer teases a lot of suspense and offers a thrilling experience.

As of yet, no details about the number of episodes or their duration have been released. The anime will feature an elementary kid named Kento in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth. Things change when he meets Anna, a little dog-like Daemon.

They work together to save Kento’s mother, bonded by their unexpected friendship. Of course, their journey will not be easy in a world that has devolved into hell.

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The Cast and Crew of My Daemon!

My Daemon

Netflix has officially revealed the actor list and the series’ first official trailer.

Miyuri Shimabukuro as Kento Tachibana
Fumiko Orikasa as Kaoru Tachibana
Ayane Sakura as Kaede
Shou Okumura as Igisu
Wataru Hatano as Kouya Kokonoe
Naoya Miyase as Kiriko Nanbu
Cocoro Kikuchi as Ana
Jouji Nakata as Genjiro Houjou

The new series, first unveiled during Netflix’s 2022 Tudum event, is an original story written by famous Japanese writer and director Otsuichi, known for works like Goth and the short story collection Zoo.

There isn’t much else known about the series, but we know that Nat Yoswatananot, who helmed The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra, is directing it.

My Daemon will be available on Netflix globally on Thursday, November 23rd. There is no word on the duration of the series, but we will update this immediately as we learn more.