Kevin Jonas Spotted Grabbing Lunch With Joe Jonas and Friends!

Kevin Jonas unites with friends and brothers for lunch days after his birthday. The Jonas Brothers are one of the most popular names in the Hollywood industry, they have established themselves as great entertainers and amazing music artists.

All three bros, Joe Jonas (34), Nick Jonas (31), and Kevin Jonas (36) also share a very healthy and harmonious relationship with each other. They also remain in the news and media attention for their family-related affairs.

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Kevin Jonas Celebrates His 36th Birthday.

 Kevin Jonas
Just Jared

The eldest brother Kevin Jonas turned 36 this week and he had had an amazing week following up to his birthday, Danielle Jonas penned a beautiful note for him, friends and family members arranged gifts and surprises and overall Kevin had a pretty amazing birthday.

Recently, he was spotted with Joe Jonas and some friends while they were going for lunch amidst their ongoing Jonas Brothers reunion tour which started in August this year, stars like Spencer Neville and Jack Lawless were also in the tribe. Joe Jonas pulled up a red Nike Hoodie while Kevin was wearing a dark grey Made in USA logo t-shirt.

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What’s Going on In the Jonas Brothers’ Life?

 Kevin Jonas
In Touch Weekly

Nick Jonas lives a peaceful life with his Bollywood wife Priyanka Chopra and spends most of his time with his daughter Malti Marie Jonas. Similar to Nick, the elder brother Kevin’s personal life is also going well, his relationship with his wife Danielle is pretty awesome, and he also talked about planning to have another child.

Unfortunately, Joe is having a pretty hard time dealing with his personal life, he is currently going through a divorce from his wife Sophie Turner. After having troubles in the past few months in their relationship, Joe filed for a divorce this year in September and the battle for their daughter’s custody is still in process.

And amidst the ongoing chaos, Turner was recently spotted with Peregrine Pearson, a young man who comes from one of the most richest and influential British families.

Turner and Pearson were also seen kissing in Paris. Joe has reacted to the rumors and didn’t expect Turner to move on so quickly, however, he isn’t bothered much and the only thing he is focused on at the moment is his career.