Sweet Magnolias Season 4 Renewal Status and Latest Updates!

Based on the extremely popular novels of Sheryl Woods, Netflix’s very own ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is all set to return and cherish our screens for Season 4.

Viewers across the globe know that the show follows the lives of three friends (or let’s just call them what they are – besties for life!), Maddie, Danna Sue, and Helen as they go through relationships, family dramas, and careers. All of this takes place in the sweet, small town of Serenity, SC.

What happens with these three women – and their journey revolving around their respective lives is what keeps the essence of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ on the move.

What was the Last Season About?

Sweet Magnolias Season 4
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Season 3 of the series took viewers on an up close and personal glimpse after the brawl at the Sullivan House.

Grappling with her situation with Cal, Maddie is on an emotional rollercoaster ride of a journey. Helen faced some serious dilemmas about the men in her life (also, wow!), and Dana Sue found out some interesting ways to utilize Miss Frances’ check for benefit cause without causing any unnecessary family beef.

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What Does Sweet Magnolias Season 4 Have In Store for Viewers?

The creator of the series, Sheryl J. Anderson will return as the showrunner-cum-executive producer in collaboration with Dan Paulson. Sherryl Woods (the brain behind the series) will also be serving as an executive producer.

As you know, this series has come in for a renewal and fans are hyping up for the fourth season. It also will be joining other Netflix Originals such as ‘Virgin River’ (hello sweet six seasons!), ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ (third season renewal status is already on the go) and of course, ‘Ginny and Georgia’ (renewed for third and fourth season!)

Now for the main juice – as you know, S3 didn’t quite end with a major cliffhanger but it certainly left fans wondering with lingering thoughts about what might be in store for the next season.

One of the questions that probably stays hanging is the matter of Erik and Helen’s possible reunion. We know that Helena officially ended things with Ryan, therefore a chance for rekindling an old flame certainly seems to be on the table for the Season. 4 Could it be possible that their friendship might turn deeper and more so – their relationship be restored?