Spirit Rangers Season 3 Possible Release Date and More!

Will there be Spirit Rangers Season 3 or Not? Let’s find out the details you need to know about the Netflix Series!

The animated fantasy show has taken the world by storm thanks to the plot, the animation aesthetics, and whatnot. Created by Karissa Valencia, this show is much more than just an adorable and heartwarming cartoon.

We’re talking about Native American storytelling and the significance of representation and we’re finally seeing more indigenous stories and we love it!

The television show is inspired by the bedtime stories that Valencia heard as she grew up in her Chumash homeland – these bedtime stories included magical and mystical tales of tricksters, river spirits, condors, red-tailed hawks – the works.   This mystique-fantasy multiverse had to take birth in the form of the show’s vibrant episodes.

Will There Be Spirit Rangers Season 3?

Spirit Rangers Season 3

Fortunately, Netflix has renewed the Spirit Rangers show – primarily a preschool series with a Native-led cast on and off-screen. This makes sense given that Valencia herself is a Native showrunner.

The series follows the story of three Chumash and Cowlitz siblings and their journey of bringing a magical portal that transforms into a mystical dimension upon activation (via beaded necklaces).

In the spirit realm, Kodi transforms into a grizzly bear cub/stingray, Summer turns into a red-tailed hawk/octopus and Eddy turns into a turtle/orca.

Their ‘spirit’ ranger equivalents use elemental powers to protect their precious California National Park.

S2 of the series introduced three new spirit forms while the Spirit Rangers Season 3 is expected to expand on the previous season’s water protectors.

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When Can We Expect to See the Season 3?

Spirit Rangers Season 3

Given that the 2nd season was released in May 2023 – it might be quite some time before the Spirit Rangers Season 3 is upon us.

There aren’t any official release dates, but we do know that there will be a renewal for the third season according to Netflix.

We’re possibly looking at late 2024 where the release date of the third season is concerned.