Wilderness Ending Explained!

When Liv leaves the station, Detective Rawling tells her that the case has been settled as criminally negligent homicide by the District Attorney.

Published: September 19th, 2023 4:23 am | Updated: September 19, 2023 4:23 am

Wilderness (2023) is a thriller about a British couple who embark on a cross-country road journey to repair their failing marriage, but things do not go as planned.

The season finale of Prime Video‘s Wilderness was a wild and twisty journey that ended with upheaval and obsession running rough all season, headed by an outstanding performance by British star Jenna Coleman. Here is a recap of the season finale and answers to the season’s most pressing questions.

Wilderness: Liv charged by the District Attorney?


When Liv leaves the station, Detective Rawling tells her that the case has been settled as criminally negligent homicide by the District Attorney. This means Liv will not face any charges in the case. Will returns from work to inform Liv that he has applied for a transfer.

They’ll return to the London branch, approach his parents for a house, and disguise the whole affair as a promotion. Liv looks at him after explaining his proposal and says she needs a divorce.

Liv informs him that she has recently been “with” Ash. Will gets frustrated and begins to plan how he would blackmail her by telling the police that it wasn’t self-defense and that she killed Garth.

Will’s workplace throws him a farewell party, and Marissa calls Liv to let her know. Liv causes quite some chaos by making a toast that irritates Will. Although Will has the advantage, Liv utilizes a voice message on her phone to convince him that she murdered Garth in self-defense.

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What Footage Did Liv Reveal to the Cops?


Detectives Rawlings and Wiseman come to the couple’ to question them. Detective Rawlings stated that they received a video last night: Cara and Will’s sex tape.

Will is arrested on the spot on suspicion of murdering Cara. As they lead him out, he asks Will to remember that he did not do this. Liv is happy in her chair when they leave. Will admits to the relationship but denies involvement in Cara’s death at the station.

Liv begins to retract her story to the police, casting doubt on the possibility that he was the one who murdered Cara.

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What News Does Liv Deliver to Will In Jail?

Radio Times

Will continues to lay out his strategy for hiring the best attorneys and private detectives to guarantee she is charged with Cara’s murder. However, she questions why you would do such a thing to your child’s mother.

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What Does Live Have to Say To Will?

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Will asks Liv why she had to murder Cara before she goes, and she says it was because she assumed it was him. Will gets angry and tries to grasp her, but his cuffs limit his reach.

Liv departs and returns to where she pushed Cara down the cliff. An anxious guy comes and complains that she is close enough to the edge.

Liv swings around and criticizes the man for doubting her motives without understanding what is happening in her head.