El Conde Ending Explained: What Happens to Pinochet?

El Conde's finale, in particular, leaves the audience on a reflective note, emphasizing the cyclical nature of history and existence.

Published: September 19th, 2023 4:30 am | Updated: September 19, 2023 4:30 am

El Conde Ending Explained: Pinochet has given up on dying by the time the third act begins. Instead, he’s fallen for the nun Carmen and transformed her into a vampire. 

Augusto finds himself in a strange situation after a life of glory when he suffers from dying while having the unwavering support of his family, who stands to gain from the dictator’s death. The resulting struggle allows for constant unpredictability and significant socio-political satire.

El Conde’s finale, in particular, leaves the audience on a reflective note, emphasizing the cyclical nature of history and existence.

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El Condo

Fyodor, madly in love with Lucia, bites and changes the older woman against her will. But not before admitting to being the one who murdered everyone at the film’s opening while wearing the general’s outfit. 

Fyodor wanted the five children to learn about the vampiric attacks and use them to justify eventually killing Pinochet. He also found that Carmen had compiled a damaging report on the Pinochet family in preparation for a robbery. 

Pinochet’s five children are discussing if they can eventually battle and kill all of these new vampires to receive their inheritance. 

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Who is the narrator from Britain?

El Condo

Our narrator has had enough and chooses to interfere and eventually disclose herself to Pinochet. And she is none other than Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s Iron Lady. 

Margaret was raped and transformed into a vampire by a ghoul named Strigoi while she was a teenage farmhand in 18th-century France. She opted to give up her kid after becoming undead and pregnant due to the assault, but she maintained a careful check on his excursions over the years. 

They even met on a political visit while still in power in their respective nations, but Margaret kept her knowledge to herself. She wishes to take her darling kid and begin a new life with him. 

Pinochet first dismisses his long-lost mother in favor of his new love, Carmen. The nun, however, rejects his kind present (he presented her with Marie Antoinette’s preserved cut head) and attempts to murder him. 

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What Happens to Pinochet in ‘El Conde’?

El Condo

When Carmen’s actual goals are exposed, it is evident that the Church sent Carmen to kill El Conde while carrying all the classified papers with her.

The records would then help the Church control the riches and power previously held by El Conde, Augusto Pinochet. At the same time, Luca attempts to murder Augusto with the aid of Fyodor but dies at the hands of her husband when Luca threatens Margaret’s life.

Fyodor, in turn, guillotines Carmen, inciting Augusto’s fury and inviting a similar destiny for himself.

After not succeeding in killing the vampires and seizing Augusto’s money, the children take their belongings and leave for good. When the other Church nuns arrive, they find the home vacant.

Meanwhile, Margaret & Augusto decide to start a new life, leaving behind Augusto’s most valued possessions: Napoleon’s letters, Darwin’s journals, and the first copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

The vampire mother-son combo restores their youth by feeding on youthful blood. Margaret chooses to return to the country at the persuasion of 15-year-old Augusto.

El Conde, a fascist by nature, seeks to eradicate leftists from their foundations, where they flourish. A young El Conde maintains his political beliefs even in his new existence.