Reptile Exclusive Clip Breakdown!

Even though there isn't much speech in this minute-long Reptile episode on Netflix, it is gripping.

Published: September 14th, 2023 6:27 am | Updated: September 14, 2023 6:27 am

The next Netflix film, “Reptile,” starring Benicio Del Toro, appears to be an immensely intriguing experience. 

Reptile, an anticipated neo-noir thriller, will chronicle the violent murder of a young real estate agent via the eyes of the detective in charge of the investigation.

True-crime fans will enjoy the many twists and turns in this production created by Grant Singer, a well-known music video director.

Reptile | Official Trailer

With “Reptile,” Netflix May Have Another Smash Blockbuster! Even though there isn’t much speech in this minute-long Reptile episode on Netflix, it is gripping. The story’s action centers on Benicio Del Toro following a gunman attempting to kill the pursuing cops.

The plot will delve far further than what is now apparent. It’s a murder mystery, but there also seems to be a bit of a supernatural element.

For those who don’t know, firing a pistol without hearing protection in a confined space causes the ringing you hear in the trailer to happen in your ears. Very precise.

The previous Reptile trailer gives you a taste of the film’s central gruesome murder. Del Toro’s character even refers to the case as “a true nightmare” at the start of the first trailer.

The inquiry points to other persons who may be critical suspects throughout the caravan, including the victim’s boyfriend, ex-husband, companions, and others. 

According to the TIFF website, the plot of the film is as follows:

When a realtor gets stabbed fatally in a show home, murder investigator Tom Nichols (Del Toro) is tasked with finding the killer. Will (Timberlake), the victim’s boyfriend and coworker with whom she fought the night before, discovered the dead body.

The victim’s ex-husband (Karl Glusman), with whom she was still married, may be a drug dealer. Meanwhile, an eccentric guy (Michael Pitt) with a long-held resentment against Will and his family appears to have an unhealthy attachment to the case.

These people have a reason, but none of the available thoughts seem persuasive to Tom, who recently moved to Scarborough, Maine, along with his wife, Judy (Silverstone).

The pair had been residing in Philadelphia, where Tom worked as a detective alongside a convicted felon.

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The Cast and Characters


Del Toro will co-star with Alicia Silverstone in Reptile after collaborating in the 1997 movie Excess Baggage. Del Toro will portray Tom Nichols, the dedicated detective investigating the murder, while Alicia Silverstone appears as his affectionate lifelong wife, Judy Nichols.

Justin Timberlake, who plays the victim’s lover, Will Grady, joins Reptile’s cast as the key suspect in the murder inquiry. 

Michael Pitt plays Eli Philipps, Domenick Lombardozzi plays Wally, Frances Fisher plays Camille Grady, Ato Essandoh plays Dan Cleary, Mike Pniewski plays Chief Marty Graeber, Eric Bogosian plays Captain Robert Allen, Sky Ferreira plays Renee, Owen Teague plays Rudy Rackozy, and Matilda Lutz plays Summer Elswick.

“Reptile” will be accessible on Netflix on September 29. It will be interesting to watch what rabbit hole fans are led down.