Why Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Are Getting Divorce?

Divorce was Joe's last resort, according to a source. He hardly wanted to split up his loved ones, but he was forced to act in the daughters' best interests.

Published: September 14th, 2023 6:36 am | Updated: September 14, 2023 6:36 am

According to a source, Joe Jonas filed for divorce with Sophie Turner as a “last resort.” As it is officially official that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are breaking up, fans are scrambling for tissues to blot their tears.

On Tuesday, September 5, Joe Jonas submitted the required paperwork to dissolve his four-year marriage to Sophie Turner.

Fans of the pair are devastated by the news and want to learn more about what led to their marriage’s dissolution, but as Sophie and Joe are extremely secretive, they are unlikely to talk about their split anytime soon.

Fans of the star couple are shocked by the news since Sophie had only weeks before shared a post in memory of her husband, posting a picture of her kissing the man’s hand after the Jonas Brothers concert in New York on August 14.

Numerous rumors concerning the couple’s separation appeared after they declared in a joint statement that they had decided to terminate their marriage “amicably.”

One of these rumors said Joe had “seen something through his Ring doorbell camera” that had been “the last straw in his decision.” Joe was allegedly “less than supportive” when Sophie delivered her second child, according to a recent story.

The pair said in a joint Instagram post. After four lovely years of marriage, they have mutually chosen to dissolve their marriage peacefully.

There are many possible explanations, but this was genuinely a decision made in unison, and they honestly hope that everyone would respect their desire for solitude for themselves and their children.

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Here Is What More Joe Jonas Said About His Divorce With Sophie Turner.

Joe Jonas

Divorce was not a choice that was made lightly. Divorce was Joe’s last resort, according to a source. He hardly wanted to split up his loved ones, but he was forced to act in the daughters’ best interests.

An unhappy house isn’t a home, the insider said, and the reality is that he and his wife Sophie were experiencing it this year.

Of course, this all occurred just after Joe shared an Instagram photo of himself wearing his wedding band without a message, which many followers saw as a subliminal denial that he was putting an end to rumors.

However, the source claimed that Joe and Sophie frequently argued and that things continued to worsen until Joe felt that he had exhausted all possibilities for saving the union.

Joe is requesting joint custody of his and Sophie’s girls and has stated that he prefers a schedule that includes “frequent and continuing contact with both parties.”

Tom Sasser, who handled Tiger Woods’ divorce, is his attorney. Joe Jonas, a part of the Jonas Brothers musical group, is reportedly requesting joint custody of his and his ex-wife’s two kids, Willa, 3, and their daughter, who is just a year old.

Joe Jonas feels that both he & Sophie Turner should provide for their children in terms of child support.