Neon Official Trailer Breakdown!

The trailer opens with a shot of crazy parties and incredible stages in Miami as the three pals vow not to be 'loser wannabes.

Published: September 5th, 2023 7:36 am | Updated: September 5, 2023 7:36 am

Neon will be available on Netflix on Thursday, October 19. In The ‘Neon’ Trailer, Three Friends Compete For The Top Of The Reggaeton World.

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming comedic series Neon features the next generation of reggaeton.

The story follows three buddies from a small town in Florida as they chase their aspirations of becoming stars in Miami.

In this first look at the show, they aim for the stars, working together to achieve new heights, meet major stars, and, perhaps, earn enough to pay their rent.

Neon Official Trailer

The trailer opens with a shot of crazy parties and incredible stages in Miami as the three pals vow not to be ‘loser wannabes. Their house is a small 2009 Toyota Corolla distant from the shining lights of Magic City, but their hopes are huge.

Santi, the trio’s artist who can write, produce, and sing his songs, aspires to be the largest reggaeton superstar in the world, even if it makes the agencies interested in him chuckle.

Santi adores his buddies Ness and Felix and drags them along for the wild journey to fame, no matter where he ascends or the parties he attends. To them, it is their destiny to achieve fame together.

Before the teaser ends, a last humorous sequence reveals Daddy Yankee, the show’s prominent executive producer & guest star.

In real life and on the show, the Puerto Rican rapper is recognized as the “King of Reggaeton,” serving as a role model for Santi and his pals. He’s just one of numerous notable guests appearing in Season 1.

If there’s one thing to take away from the teaser, the group is in it for the long run and will support each other even when items become tough. Santi and his buddies have goals that they are determined to attain.

They must come together in a new place, armed with excitement and wit, to realize their aspirations, discover who they are, and make decisions that will influence the future.

The trailer is intriguing since it is unusual for a show to immediately reveal so much about the character’s relationships. If the show is half as fantastic as the trailer suggests, Netflix may have another massive smash on its hands.

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The Cast and Crew of the Series.


Tyler Dean Flores plays Santi, who, along with his buddies Ness (Emma Ferreira), Felix (Jordan Mendoza), and A&R rep Mia (Courtney Taylor), aspires to be the largest reggaeton star.

Max Searle and Shea Serrano, who also acts as showrunner, co-created Neon. Serrano and Searle serve as executive producers, along with SB Projects, Anne Clements, & Daddy Yankee. Tainy, Lex Borrero, and Ivan Rodriguez from Ntertain and Neon16, known as Tainy & One Six4, are executive music producers.