Love is in the Air Official Trailer Breakdown.

The trailer shows Dana and William developing their relationship as he flies Down Under to inspect the health of her business to close it down.

Published: September 5th, 2023 7:30 am | Updated: September 5, 2023 7:30 am

Netflix Released A Teaser For The Forthcoming Rom-Com Love Is In The Air, Starring Delta Goodrem From Neighbours.

The plot revolves around a seaplane pilot soaring in the tropics who falls for the man hired to wreck her business.

Prepare to soar into a universe of romance and hilarity as Netflix prepares to release Love is in the Air, a film starring the fantastic Australian wonder Delta Goodrem.

In this much anticipated romantic comedy, Goodrem reprises her role as Dana Randall, a seaplane pilot flying across the sun-kissed skies of the tropics. But what’s a romantic comedy without a plot twist?

Dana falls head over heels for the guy entrusted with anchoring her goals, and Love takes flight despite difficult circumstances.

Love is in the Air | Official Trailer

Dana, a seaplane pilot with little time and less interest in dating, is played by the actress and singer. Dana falls for William (Joshua Sasse), the guy who threatens her career, as she faces the loss of her family company.

The trailer shows Dana and William developing their relationship as he flies Down Under to inspect the health of her business to close it down.

Initially hesitant to let go and appreciate the Aussie way of life, William eventually warms up to Dana and her peers, helped by the breathtaking beauty of Queensland’s Whitsundays islands, which act as the film’s major setting.

Dana Randall is a dedicated pilot with Fullerton Airways, a non-profit airline based in scenic Far North Queensland. The small crew, including her father, Jeff, and her mechanic, BFF Nikki, works together to offer the crucial air services the local island inhabitants rely on.

Dana greets William, a London-based ITCM Financial official, brought to Fullerton Airways to check the organization’s financials, knowing that they rely largely on his company’s subsidies.

Dana must be made aware that William’s audit is being conducted to validate the company’s financial difficulties and prepare for its collapse.

William’s allegiance is tested when he spends his days with Dana and the Island community. He develops feelings for Dana, and the feeling appears to be mutual…until she unintentionally finds his actual purpose.

The streamer’s clip also suggests that a cyclone draws Dana and William closer together, suggesting that the film is a typical enemies-to-lovers romance.

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The Cast and Character.

Love is in the Air
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A fantastic cast supports Delta Goodrem! The following is the entire cast list:

Delta Goodrem as Dana

Joshua Sasse as William

Dante Surace as Packers Bay Resident

Daniela Pizzirani as Serena

Mia Grunwald as Michelle

Roy Billing as Jeff

Steph Tisdell as Nikki

Simon Brook McLachlan as Heath

Hugh Parker as Duncan

Love is in the Air, a film by Delta Goodrem is set to premiere on Netflix on September 28, 2023.