Cat Person Official Trailer Released!!!

The Trailer For 'Cat Person' Suggests a Disturbing Adaptation Of A Famous Short Tale.

Published: August 28th, 2023 8:03 am | Updated: August 28, 2023 8:03 am

The genre-bending thriller Cat Person will be released in theatres this fall.

The renowned viral short story is transformed into a thrilling thriller in the new Cat Person teaser. In 2017, the internet was captivated by author Kristen Roupenian’s New Yorker short story on the trials of online relationships and the drama that may occur when such ties spill over into real life.

That narrative is the inspiration for a new film, directed by Booksmart co-writer Susanna Fogel and starring CODA’s Emilia Jones and Succession’s Nicholas Braun, that expands on the source material to create an outright genre-bending thriller.

The Trailer For ‘Cat Person’ Suggests a Disturbing Adaptation Of A Famous Short Tale.

Cat Person | Official Trailer

In the trailer for the psychological thriller Cat Lover, college student Margot’s (Emilia Jones) love escapade with Nicholas Braun’s older, cat-loving gentleman, takes a frightening turn after their not-so-eventful one-night stand.

The trailer begins with Margot (Jones) texting Robert (Braun), a frequent visitor to the movie theatre where she works. Taylor (Geraldine Viswanathan), Margot’s best friend, is the only one who doubts Robert at first.

Despite being upset and uneasy on the date, Margot agrees to sleep with Robert instead of risk turning him down.

Margot finds that Robert is 34 years old after the encounter, which primarily disgusts her, and messages on how impersonal their interactions have been. 

She also tells her friend that Robert is a terrible lover. After not noticing any cats in Robert’s apartment, Margot becomes dubious of who he claims to be. As Margot and Robert’s relationship develops, she realizes he isn’t the guy he appeared to be at first.

While the trailer begins as a sweet romance narrative, it takes a nasty turn towards the conclusion, indicating the psychological surprises in the upcoming movie.

The film is being billed as an “exploration of gender disparities and the risky projections we build in our minds towards the person on the other line of our phones.” 

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The Cast and Characters of the Movie:

Cat Person

The movie stars : 

Emilia Jones as Margot

Liza Colón-Zayas as Officer Elaine

Michael Gandolfini as Peter

Donald Elise Watkins as James Madley

Nicholas Braun as Robert

Liza Koshy as Beth

Josh Andrés Rivera as Dave

Melissa Lehman as Billie

Isaac Powell as Clay

Geraldine Viswanathan as Taylor

Isabella Rossellini as Dr. Enid Zabala

Hope Davis as Kelly

Christopher Shyer as Ernie

Jeremy Gill as Kyle

Kyle Selig as Lucas

Fred Melamed as Dr. Resnick

Camille Umoff as Laura

Sammy Arechar as Kelvin

Cat Person, the anticipated black comedic psychological thriller film starring Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun, is expected to be released internationally on October 6, 2023.