We Can Be Heroes 2 Possible Release Date, and More.

Will there be We Can Be Heroes 2 or not? Let’s find out the details you need o know about the Netflix Movie.

At some point in time, we all love to see superhero movies in our lives and the age doesn’t matter even at young or old age we can love to see superhero movies.

But what if I tell you that there is a family of superheroes that is entertaining all its views you may be surprised whether there can be a superhero family existing.

So let me tell you that there is a movie which is titled We can be Heroes. And the first part of this movie was quite popular among the viewers as well as received praise from all the critics who have seen it.

First of all, let us tell you that the movie is written and directed by Spy Kids creator Robert Rodriguez, We Can Be Heroes revolves around the world’s superheroes being abducted by alien invaders, and their superpowered children stepping up to the plate to save the day.

So we can say that we are going to witness a full-fledged family that belongs to the superhero category. And when the viewers finished watching the first part of the movie they already started speculating for the second part of it.

So let us just move on to find out everything that we know about We can be Heroes 2 and we promise you that by the end of this article, you will be having every information in relation to this movie all you need to do is just to keep on reading this article till the end!!!!

What is the Renewal Status of We Can Be Heroes 2?

We Can Be Heroes 2

if we talk about the official announcement then it is show that the makers have not made any announcement regarding the second part of this superhero family movie.

But the fans need not worry because the maker of the movie has hinted at the possible second part of the movie.

Rodriguez said that he would be returning to direct We Can Be Heroes 2 and that shooting would take place sometime in the year 2023. And since then there was no news about production throughout 2023, and filming has presumably been delayed.

This delay might have been to accommodate the busy schedules of the star-studded cast, or the busy schedule of Rodriguez himself as he was busy making different projects for different streaming platforms. Hawa gobi need not worry because if the maker himself is saying that he will make the second part then we can be still hopeful about the coming of the second part.

We will not forget to update you about it as soon as we get any information from the makers or the streaming service!!!!!

However, we have one more update Netflix has officially confirmed the development of a sequel to We Can Be Heroes through a publishing website after the first film became one of the streaming service’s biggest hits of the year 2020.

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Who All Could Be There As Cast Members in We Can Be Heroes 2?

We Can Be Heroes 2
Business Insider

Being super optimistic about the coming of the second part we hope the following child actors to be reprising their roles in it:

  • Andy Walken as Wheels
  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Rewind
  • Akira Akbar as Fast Forward
  • Lyon Daniels as Noodles
  • Nathan Blair as Wild Card
  • Lotus Blossom as A Capella
  • Dylan Henry Lau as Slo-Mo
  • Andrew Diaz as Facemaker

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What Could Be the Possible Plot of We Can Be Heroes 2?

We Can Be Heroes 2

In the possible second part of this superhero family, we are expecting that the story would continue from the point where the first part left us all the viewers of it.

Following the twist that we witnessed in the finale of the first part the superpowered kids will likely join their parents in the Heroics line-up and will definitely strive to save this world from the enemies.

Whereas the first movie saw the kids trying to save their parents from alien invaders, We Can Be Heroes 2 could see the parents and their children fighting supervillains side-by-side and holding each other’s hands, and together trying to defeat every enemy that comes in their way.

Till then you can stay tuned and thanks for reading:)