Behind Your Touch Releasing Tomorrow on Netflix.

Behind Your Touch is all set to be released tomorrow on Netflix, and here are the latest details you need to know about the upcoming series.

Though far from reality but you all will agree with me when I am saying that we all love to see series and movies that contain a supernatural element in it because they never fail to entertain the viewers.

And if it is a k drama then we are sure that the youngsters are also going to love it very much and going to watch it with very much excitement.

So in the month of August of this year, 2023 Netflix is coming up with a brand new supernatural K drama which is titled Behind Your Touch.

 First of all, I was tell you that it is a Netflix Original supernatural K-drama series directed by Kim Seok Yoon (Law School), and Lee Nam Gyu (The Light in Your Eyes). And also it is going to come in the month of August to entertain all the viewers of Netflix.

So without making any further delay let us move on to find out every of the update and information that you need to know about Behind Your Touch, all you need to know is just to keep on reading this article and you will have every of the required information which is related to this series!!!!!

Behind Your Touch Release Date

Behind Your Touch

The fans who regularly view the supernatural content being streamed on Netflix can be happy because they are going to witness a brand new supernatural drama very soon.

So we have the official release date of Behind Your Touch and that is 12th of August 2023. You have something new and really interesting to add to your August watch list.

Additionally, we must add to your information that two episodes are released twice a week for a total of eight weeks before the final episode airs on Sunday, October 1st, 2023.

It also clearly indicates that it is going to have 16 episodes in total.

And if you are wondering about that how long each of the episodes of the series is going to be the latest tell you that it is not going to be very long as it will have a runtime of just 60 minutes each approximately.

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What Is Going to Be the Storyline Behind Your Touch?

Behind Your Touch
Olret – Vva

The makers of this series have shared the official plot of it and that reads as: ” Behind Your Touch” is a story about people who live in a rural farm village.

It tells the story of a veterinarian, called Ye Bun, who exhibits psychometric superpowers, and a passionate detective, Jang Kyul, who both become involved in solving minor crimes.”

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