The Changeling Apple TV+ Horror Series Official Trailer!

The ‘The Changeling’ Trailer Takes LaKeith Stanfield on a Scary Journey. The latest trailer for the horror show The Changeling, starring stars from American Horror Story and Haunted Mansion, is now available on Apple TV+.

The program was created by creator and executive producer Kelly Marcel, who also wrote the script for Venom.

The Changeling Official Trailer

The whole story starts with Apollo (Stanfield) constantly striving to ask Emmy (Backo) for a date but failing.

The young woman ultimately admits that she isn’t eager to meet him since she is about to go to another country and feels that it would be harmful to become connected to someone just before she departs.

She spends her time away exploring the jungle and ultimately finds herself in a lagoon that locals caution her against entering.

A witch there offers her a bracelet made of thread and promises Emmy that if she chooses to cut it, three of her wishes will come true.

Emmy decides to go out with Apollo when she returns home and ultimately decides to tell him about the weird lady she met while she was away.

Apollo humorously cuts the red threat around her wrist and informs her that because they were creating a future together, he would grant all of her wishes. Soon after that, the pair is suddenly overwhelmed by unanticipated circumstances, and their terror grows as they encounter new dangers.

Bad things happen, Emma goes gone, people start breathing smoke, and strange imagery appears. We also hear about portals and intruding into another realm in the trailer, which is fascinating.

The trailer for The Changeling offers some details about the plot. However, considering the talent on both sides of the camera, it would not be a terrible idea to walk into the program blind and get caught up in the unsettling mystery with Stanfield and Backo. Based on the effective peek, it’s a genre gamble that may pay off for Apple TV+.

The official summary says it is “a fairytale for grownups.” A horror thriller, a parable about fatherhood, and a frightening journey through a New York City you never knew existed.”

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The Cast And Characters of The Changeling.

The Changeling

LaKeith Stanfield plays Apollo in The Changeling. Stanfield became prominent with his portrayal in the indie film Short Term 12. He has subsequently appeared in films such as Atlanta, Sorry to Bother You, Judas and the Black Messiah, and, most recently, Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Clack Backo (Letterkenny, I Want You Back), Jamy Abrahamson (Ramy, American Animals), Malcolm Barrett (Timeless, History of the World Part II), Adina Porter (American Horror Story, The 100), Samuel T. Herring (Tears of God), Alexis Louder (The Terminal List, Copshop), appear as special guests alongside Stanfield.

The Changeling will have its global release on Apple TV Plus on Friday, September 8, with the initial three episodes of the eight-part series accessible instantly.

Following the first release, each Friday through October 13 will see the release of a new episode of The Changeling.