Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Confirm Release Date.

The upcoming American superhero movie ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ which is the final installment of DC Extended Universe and the sequel to the 2018 movie ‘Aquaman’, is set to be released this year.

The plot will revolve around Aquaman fighting to protect Atlantis from an ancient power.

When Is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Released?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The planning of the upcoming movie was first initiated when Momoa gave a story pitch for a sequel of ‘Aquaman’ to the Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman and producer during the production of that film.

Principal photography ran from June 28, 2021, to January 12, 2022. The movie is set to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures on December 20, 2023.

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Cast Members of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’:

Jason Momoa-

Jason Momoa

Reprising the titular role of Aquaman, Jason Momoa will be back for the upcoming film. Besides his portrayal of Atlantis’ half-Atlantean and half-human king Arthur Curry, Momoa is famed for his portrayal of Khal Drogo in HBO’s epic fantasy drama tv series ‘Game of Thrones‘ and also of Ronon Dex in the series ‘Stargate Atlantis’, Declan Harp in ‘Frontier’, Baba Voss in ‘See’.

Other than the DC superhero films, his other film credits include ‘Conan the Barbarian’, ‘Road to Paloma’, ‘Debug’, ‘Sugar Mountain’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Venice’, ‘The Bad Batch’, ‘Braven’, ‘Sweet Girl’, ‘Dune’, ‘Slumberland’, ‘Fast X’ etc.

Amber Heard-

Amber Heard

The role of Princess of Xebel- Mera with the ability to control water with her mind and communicate with Atlanteans via telepathy, will be reprised by Amber Heard in the movie.

Her other film credits include ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’, ‘Remember the Daze’, ‘Never Back Down’, ‘ExTerminators’, ‘The Joneses, ‘The Stepfather’, ‘And Soon the Darkness’, ‘The River Why’, ‘The Ward’, ‘Drive Angry’, ‘The Rum Diary’, ‘Syrup’, ‘Paranoia’, ‘3 Days to Kill’, ‘The Adderall Diaries’, ‘One More Time’, ‘I Do… Until I Don’t’ etc.

Willem Dafoe-

Willem Dafoe
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Arthur’s mentor and the vizier of Atlantis Nuidis Vulko is played by Academy Award-nominated American actor Willem Dafoe. He won three nominations of Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor which are respectively in 1987, 2001, and 2018 for his role as Sgt.

Elias in the war film ‘Platoon’, Max Schreck in the historical drama horror movie ‘Shadow of the Vampire’, and Bobby Hicks in the American drama film ‘The Florida Project’.

In 2019 Dafoe was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Vincent van Gogh in the biographical drama film ‘At Eternity’s Gate’.

His other notable film credits include ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’, ‘The Lighthouse’, ‘Wild at Heart’, ‘The English Patient’, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ etc.

Patrick Wilson-

Patrick Wilson
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The former king of Atlantis and the Atlantean half-brother of Arthur- Orm Marius is played by American actor Patrick Wilson in the movie.

He previously starred in the films The Alamo’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Hard Candy’, ‘Little Children’, ‘Purple Violets’, ‘Evening’, ‘Life in Flight’, ‘Lakeview Terrace’, ‘Passengers’, ‘Barry Munday’, ‘Insidious’, ‘Stretch’, ‘Big Stone Gap’, ‘Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife’, ‘Zipper’, ‘Home Sweet Hell’, ‘A Kind of Murder’, ‘The Hollow Point’, The Conjuring film series, ‘Midway’, ‘Moonfall’ etc.

Dolph Lundgren-

Dolph Lundgren

Mera’s father and the king of Xebel King Nereus is played by Swedish actor and martial artist Dolph Lundgren in the movie.

His other film credits include his breakthrough role in ‘Rocky IV’, ‘Masters of the Universe’, ‘Red Scorpion’, ‘The Punisher’, ‘I Come in Peace’, ‘Showdown in Little Tokyo’, Universal Soldier film series, ‘Pentathlon’, ‘Joshua Tree’, ‘Men of War’, ‘The Shooter’, ‘Johnny Mnemonic’, ‘Silent Trigger’, ‘Blackjack’, ‘The Peacekeeper’, ‘The Defender’, ‘The Mechanik’, ‘Missionary Man’, ‘Command Performance’, ‘Icarus’, ‘Castle Falls’, ‘Section Eight’ etc.

Lundgren is also set to star in the upcoming films ‘Wanted Man’ and ‘Expend4bles’ besides ‘Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom’.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II-

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

High-seas mercenary and ruthless pirate David Kane aka Black Manta is played by American actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the movie.

He also starred in the films ‘The Vanishing of Sidney Hall’, ‘Baywatch’, ‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘First Match’, ‘Boundaries’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Us’, ‘Sweetness in the Belly’, ‘All Day and a Night’, ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’, ‘Candyman’, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, ‘Ambulance’.

Temuera Morrison-

Temuera Morrison

The role of Arthur’s father Tom Curry is reprised by New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison in the movie.

His various film credits include ‘Crooked Earth’, ‘River Queen’, ‘The Marine 2’, ‘Tracker’, ‘The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption’, ‘Fresh Meat’, ‘Mt. Zion’, ‘Hard Target 2’, ‘The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One’, ‘Occupation’, ‘The Brighton Miracle’, ‘Mosley’, ‘Occupation: Rainfall’ etc.

Nicole Kidman-

Nicole Kidman

The role of Arthur’s mother Atlanna will be reprised by Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman in the upcoming movie.

She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress for her roles in the films ‘Moulin Rouge!’, ‘Rabbit Hole’, and ‘Being the Ricardos’ in 2002, 2011, and 2022 respectively. In 2017 she won an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the film ‘Lion’.

For her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in the 2002 psychological drama film ‘The Hours’ she won Academy Award for Best Actress in 2003.