Rich in Love 2 Movie Ending Explained: Did Teto and Paula end up together?

The two ladies have little time to be angry with Teto since their buddy, Pawi, has been abducted by gold miners to force the indigenous tribe off their land.

Published: June 3rd, 2023 4:08 am | Updated: June 3, 2023 4:08 am

Rich in Love 2 was released on 2nd June 2023, and here are the things you might have missed about the movie.

It’s a one-time watch, but it’s highly suggested not to walk in with great expectations. This new film picks off exactly where the first one left off, with Paula departing Rio de Janeiro for the Amazon with another male doctor named Dr. Tawan.

Teto had created his sub-company named Teto Fresco under his father’s banner back home. However, his father chose to shut down this brand and place him in charge of the entire company.

Teto left, sad, and decided to pursue Paula and be with her. This is where his love for the tomato industry was cultivated.

This is very unexpected, as anyone who enters a film’s sequel would anticipate some continuity from the previous movie. Unfortunately, Rich in Love 2 is entirely out of place and sometimes infuriating.

Many subplots felt entirely out of place, notably when Tito becomes involved with the Amazonian tribes and his conflict with the “Tomato” gangster chief. However, Tito’s personal growth and efforts to establish his empire were reflected in Rich in Love 2.

Rich in Love 2 Movie Ending Explained: 

So who is responsible for the illegal mining that makes people sick?

Rich in Love

To Teto’s surprise, the mining project is funded by none other than Everaldo, whose real reason for getting the tomato co-op has little to do with the healthy fruits. So the trio hides and listens to the businessman’s shady dealings. 

Paula is disappointed to see Dr. Tawan gladly take a bribe from Everlato to disregard the disease caused by mercury in the mines. She’s even more dissatisfied when Everaldo mentions Teto’s request for him to intercede and prevent her from volunteering at the Amazon. 

Wunin no longer trusts Everlato after hearing him brag about owning Teto’s tomato co-up. 

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Does Teto have a plan to save Pawi?

Rich in Love 2

The two ladies have little time to be angry with Teto since their buddy, Pawi, has been abducted by gold miners to force the indigenous tribe off their land.

So Teto devises the plan to kidnap Everlato on his boat and use him as a negotiating chip to free Pawi. 

On the boat, Everlato discovers Monique and Igor’s identities and Solange is shocked to hear that her father is a criminal. Teto is taken aback when he learns of Igor’s history but is willing to share the family’s riches with him. 

After Pawi’s rescue, the gang abandons the boat, but not before Everlato shoots Teto. Paula’s medical intervention, thankfully, saves his life. 

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Who is responsible for Everlato’s arrest?

Rich in Love 2

When Dr. Tawan goes to the village, Paula immediately confronts him for taking a bribe. On the other hand, Tawan was secretly filming the illegal bribery attempt to broadcast it online. After the video went viral, officials had no choice but to arrest Everlato.

One year later, we find that Igor’s wife now runs the Tomato King’s company, while Monique and her girlfriend, Solange, operate the co-op. In addition, Igor is now a stay-at-home father pursuing his college education. 

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How long till Teto and Paula reconcile?

Rich in Love 2

Teto has spent a year traveling throughout the country searching for the strange yellow tomato Wunin described at the film’s beginning. Finally, he meets Paula in one of the villages.

Finally, the two reconcile and decide to rekindle their relationship. It may have taken a year, but they’ve matured as individuals enough for their relationship to work.